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Are you taking Magnesium supplements?

Hi ladies, I wonder if I could ask if anyone is considering or currently taking magnesium supplements? If so, have they had an affect on your wellbeing, what type of magnesium you are taking and what dosage please.

Thanks everyone :0D x

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I have been taking solgar calcium and magnesium as read this helps absorbtion. The dosage is listed per three tablets a day is 1000mg calcium and 400mg magnesium. I only take one tablet a day as aware magnesium has upset my tummy in the past. Been taking one a day for 2 months and notice a significant difference in pain being less severe, lm also trying a non dairy diet to see if it helps reduce inflammation.

Good luck if you are thinking of trying them and hope it helps! I am trying anything whilst waiting for another lap. X


I started taking Cal/Mag 2 days ago as my partner bought an array of vitamins that he read can help with pain! Taking 500mg of calcium and 250mg of magnesium. Crossing my fingers they help...


I take meagnesium and zinc its suppose to help with the fatigue and muscle cramps best thing to do is give it a go but give it a few months xx


thanks everyone - I will start taking them :0) x


Magnesium malate is recommended for Endo. 300 mg.


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