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Supplements to help prostap side effects


I’ve been put on prostap as I’ve been diagnosed with post ablation syndrome.

And I’m expecting the dreaded menopause symptoms to start soon. I’ve read lots about natural remedies - eg starflower oil and black cosh magnesium etc. But my question is are these recommended for when you are in menopause naturally? Or has anyone had experience of them working with prostap? Thanks so much.


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Ive been on prostap for 3 months now. It’s not too bad really. Massive mood swings, no patience, night sweats, hot flushes, insomnia and lost of appetite (and lost of weight).

I’m on primrose oil tablets which help me with moods, and some herbal sleeping tablets.

Everybody is different but I works for me.

Hopefully you won’t feel too many side effects XX

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Hello! Thanks so much for replying. Bit worried about the mood swings as I’m a bit dramatic most days anyway lol!! I hope I lose my appetite.... I’m deffo going to get some evening primrose oil tablets as they can take a while to get into your system. Thanks again xxx


I wouldn’t rush too much into buying stuff. You may not get any side effects, or you may get them all. See how you feel. It’s not that scary. I was really worried before I started the injections and I was reading a lot, which didn’t help. Women go through it all the time , it’s a natural reaction and it is bearable, at least in my opinion. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s not a major issue

Fingers crossed for you x


I was hoping it might help my skin and hair haha! I think you are right. And to be honest the only other option is hysterectomy so to have potential side effects is a huge relief as I really didn’t want major surgery x


Have you been offered HRT to help with the side effects?


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