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I was in Boots yesterday looking at the vitamins and supplements, but I am confused!

Reading on the internet everyone seems to have a different answer - magnesium can help, or folic acid, one site even said just take vitamin C!

I've found my immune system is totally shot these days. Every other weekend we have my partners boy to stay. He is 7 and always have a cold... Shock horror I then get it.

Where I fee so sick all the time I eat very little, have very little energy and my weight is just falling off with out even trying!

What recommendations have you got? Is it worth taking a multivitamin or not bother??


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I'd say yes - multibionta are good, vitabiotics well woman would be ideal with gynae issues. Endo diet is also a good idea x

That's the sort of thing I was looking at!!


Aloe Vera Drinking gel by forever living, is good for energy levels and to help immune system, if you would like further details please message me,


Thanks, but have tried that in the past and personally I couldn't keep the stuff down!!


I take evening primrose oil, triple magnesium, vit b 12, folic acid and omega 3 and it helps my pain. The evening primrose oil helps hormonally and my skin is clearer on it x

Might try that, my skin has gotten so bad lately! 😩

Re. Forever living - my friend is a rep as well - it isn't safe to start drinking the gel if you have bowel Endo - particularly if you are about to undergo bowel surgery as is can cause some people to have the runs in the beginning.

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