Supplements for Endometriosis and Adenomyosis


I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I was just wondering if anyone is taking any supplements that have helped with a reduction in pain or bleeding? I was reading a article in the paper a few days ago that said by eating healthy and taking magnesium supplement and vitamin B6 period pain could be cured, I realised that Endometriosis pain and Adenomyosis is obviously a much more severe pain, but I'm trying to find some natural ways to reduce pain as I'm feeling so toxic from taking Tramadol and co-codamol on a daily basis.

Many thanks


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  • henrietta norton established the brand as a result of her issues with endo. I found the site when I was desperate to feel better. I must admit I haven't read extensively but some elements seem rather intense.

    Just an idea, hope it's helpful. Let me know if it works!


  • Thank you I appreciate your reply. I will definitely have a look the way I feel with the pain anything is worth a try. I will let you know.


    Jo x

  • I take a supplement for cramping daily. It contains magnesium and B6. It has helped quite a bit, reducing the amount of pain killers that I need, but it definitely hasn't made the pain go away altogether.

  • Hi, can you tell me the name of it please. Thank you x

  • Hi

    I started to make changes to my diet at the start of the year. I had done a lot of reading and gathered a list of supplements to take. I didn't notice much difference and in feb/March had pain every day and an horrendous first day of my period at the start of March. So I began, on that day, to change my diet too. I took out sugar, gluten (avoided anyway) and dairy and upped the veg. I have not had pain at all since that awful day. Even when I started my last period on 4 April. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have stage 4 endo.

    The supplements I take are

    In the morning

    Well woman multi vitamin original

    15 billion/8 strain probiotic.

    Then with my evening meal

    1000mg omega 3 fish oil

    Calcuim/vit D

    Zinc/vit C

    Folic Acid


    (All one a day capsules).

    It is important to take magnesium and calcium twice a day as the body can't absorb what you need all at once. Both are in the morning well woman capsule as well.

    Honestly, my hubby laughs at me but I am convinced this ritual is starting to work!! Good luck. X

  • Hi.

    Thanks for your reply. Wow that sounds amazing to have no pain. I really do belive there are natural ways to reduce pain just trying to find the right way to do it. I will definately give a try thank you for posting. I hope it continues to work for you.

    Jo x

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