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Magnesium supplement

Does anyone take any magnesium supplement? I have migraines and I have read that magnesium is good for migraine as well as endo. So I would like to have a go but I am not sure which to get.

Tablets or liquid?

Osteocare (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vitabiotics-Osteocare-Original-90-Tablets/dp/B000LNCB4O/ref=sr_1_9?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1402263282&sr=1-9&keywords=magnesium+calcium+vitamin+d

) seems to have a lot of things which is recommended (http://www.endo-resolved.com/diet.html) to endo women.

Do you have any recommendation please? Thank you.


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Hi there, for medicinal use you need to take 300 mg. Magnesium Citrate I understand is one of the best for absorption, but take it with food about an hour before you go to bed else it can upset the tummy a bit. I take it for pain and restless leg syndrome which seem to come together and it works well. I use Viridian in powder form, tastes just like Andrews Liver Salts. Easy to drink in water or Orange juice. viridianonline.co.uk/Calciu...

Good luck :0)


I use a spray that you can get from holland and Barrett. You just spray it on morning and night on your skin. I was told by a holistic advisor that it absorbed better through the skin.

I quite like not having to take more tablets too!


Hi Shukudai,

How are you? Sorry to hear about the migraines. I have also heard that magnesium can help with migraines. Magnesium is so important yet many of us are deficient. Do a search top right on 'magnesium' and several posts will come up including a thread I started on its importance for endo.

I use the magnesium spray mentioned by Mabes. Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids is a good source if you're not bothered about sugar or dairy too much! x


Hi Brownlow

I read your post which was really interesting. Good to know we need chocolate medically:) I love dark chocolate. Also it solve my constipation (strange! :) so I have some chocolate when I take codine based tablets).

Do you know if I spray a Magnesium spray on the head / neck for migraine? Do I spray where I have pain for endo?




Dosed Magnesium is an interesting concept. When I started my Zoladex treatment for prostate cancer I had cramps in my calves EVERY night. It was to the point where I was frightened to sleep. I was very cynical about taking Magnesium despite a very good understanding of chemistry.My cramps stopped after the first dose of "Bio Magnesium" 300mg one per day tablet (taken at night with evening meal) which I have continued. Mine are made by the company that sponsored Kay Cottee's sail around the world but I reckon any brand would work.......chemistry is chemistry. I have no problems with the "not very small" tablet but I would swallow a football to avoid those cramps.


Magnesium oxide has a poor absorption rate. So make sure you buy a magnesium product which isn't mainly based on magnesium oxide as its ingredient. I use Magnesium Complete from Sandra Cabot which uses 5 different types of magnesium in it.



Thank you ladies. I am sorry I can't reply to you tonight as I have been having bad pain. I will read them carefully and reply to you later...looks very interesting.

I had naproxen but it is not worked yet. I need magnesium now! I will try to go to bed now.

I hope you are ok.



Spray option sounds good as I take enough painkiller tablets which I hate:)


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