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Starting IvF after tubes removed?

My wife's Fallopian tubes were removed on March 7th and they are healing very well. She is 28 and in great health so we feel we are making the right decision but would love to here about anyone's personal experience. We also have a challenge

The challenge is that our dr that did the surgery, who is also her OB, suggested waiting at least six weeks before doing ivf but our fertility dr is comfortable moving forward. If the calendar stays consistent, she should be implanting at about five weeks and a couple days. Does anyone have experience if that is enough time to heal from surgery before implantation? Thanks in advance

mike and morgan

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I would wait.

My op wasn't half as complicated as that and I still felt rubbish at 5 weeks. Even at 2 months the thought of my tummy stretching scared me enough to stop trying for a baby. After surgery it takes a good while for your tummy muscles to heal completely and for you to feel completely back to normal. If your tummy is back to normal and there is no pain at all then great but it's not something you can plan ahead for x


Hi me and my husband are 28 and we have only a tubal factor aswell we are going for ivf in the next few months we have a ten year old had him young, just got to wait for our next appointment to sign which isn't to the end of April, but I did have a lap and dye test at Christmas time and I wasn't right for about 2 months after just starting to feel better and they didn't take anything out of me, it just depends on she feels no one knows there body better than your self:) good luck on your journey x



I had my tubes due to endo and also had ivf following this. I am also a women's health Physio. Physically it takes the body six weeks to heal so I would suggest six weeks before you start ivf to allow the body to heal.

My ivf consultant also was happy for me to have the procedure soon after my op but I chose to wait six weeks knowing that my body will have healed. At my op I also had a radical excision of my endo at the same time so looking back six weeks was too soon for my body. But just tube removal is quite a small op in comparison as my surgery was 7 1/2 hours. So she should be fine at six weeks.

I wish you both all the best. And after my tubes were removed I now have a baby girl following our second attempt after the op as I think the first was too soon for my body to cope with



Hi I'm new to this site but I just wanted to say that if your fertility specialist is happy to go ahead with your wife's treatment then I would follow his/her advice. You will probably be aware that ivf treatment takes approximately 6 weeks from start to finish anyway so your wife should be recovered by then. I have an ivf little girl who is 3yr old now & she's the best thing that ever happened to me . Good luck with your treatment, I really hope everything works out for you both.


Thank you all so much. My wife and I are reading over all of your comments and it is really helping. We are so thankful these forums are available because it is the only way to communicate with people who actually are or have gone through this. If anyone else has any comments please share. On one hand we are not putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves but on the other hand, this is all we think about. Thank you so much again


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