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Stats on IVF success after Laparoscopy & range of times before Endo returns?

Hi does anyone have any stats on the success rate specifically for IVF after a successful laparoscopy? Also roughly the spread on how long it can take until endo returns? I'm 37, had 1 laparoscopy in October (after having painful periods since they started!!!) and need a second in February as a specialist is required to remove all my scar tissue that's sticking my organs together! I'm currently having injections to stop my cycle until the next op, and have the option to go straight into an IVF cycle or try naturally for a length of time. (I already have a little girl whose nearly 3, who was conceived naturally after 13 months). I'm trying to decide whether to go straight for IVF, whether to try naturally, and if we do try naturally how long to try for. Any shared experiences or knowledge of the science gratefully recieved!

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This is exactly what I'd like to know! I just had a lap to remove stage 3 endo a couple of weeks ago after a diagnostic lap in the summer but was too deep to remove it then. They removed it from my uterosacral ligaments, ovary, bladder n bowel and also had a myomectomy to remove a fibroid which was blocking my right tube. My tubes are now running clear. My ovary was stuck down too. The op took 3 hours and I am starting to feel better now. I would also like to know the stats about my chances of becoming pregnant naturally now taking into account specifically the stage of endo and where it was found and also the chances of it coming back. I too would like to know our chances of successful ivf which we should be having in the next 3 / 4 months.

What stage was your endo and where did they find it?

My gyno said that with stage 3 endo 30% will get pregnant within 6 months and this may double post laparoscopy (so 60% will get pregnant post-lap) compared with 70% of fertile couples in 6 months. He also said that there is only a 30% chance of it coming back post-op but these seem like very optimistic figures compared with what I have read on the net. I have no children and have been desperate to have kids since I can remember. I really hope it works as I can't imagine what I'll do if it doesn't.


Hi, I've no idea on the stage of endo, I didn't even know there were stages!

The Gynae said my tubes were clear, but that there was a lot of inflamation, and that my tubes were adhered to the overies, and they were adhered to the back of the uterus. Also my overies also seemed fine, but they too were adhered to back of the uterus and the ovarian fosse. There was more inflamation and adhesions in the pouch of douglas and general inflamation on the pelvic structures. I saw the photos and there did seem to be adhesions everywhere! I'm having 2-3 months of GnRH antagonist to down-regulate my cycle before my operative laparoscopy in February.

He said there was a 40% chance of success with IVF, but I have no idea if this is in general or post endo / laparoscopy. I asked for the range of times before endo returned, and he said how long was a piece of string! I asked if there were any stats on e.g. 10% get symptoms back within a few months, 30% 6 months, 30% a year 10% 2 years etc, but he didn't have any. Also I forgot to ask about the stats of IVF specifically for endo at the time.

How long have you left it between your operative laparoscopy and possibly starting IVF? Do you need another laparoscopy before IVF to clear any more lesions etc?

Best of luck with it naturally, I really hope it works for you. We are so lucky to have had our little girl, but I would desperately like a sibling for her.

I can't believe there aren't endo specific stats following on from surgery!


Hi I've just been doing some googling and found this, I'm sure there's more out there. This was a study in the states, and the key passage is below.


The retrospective study looked at patients in their mid-30s who had failed IVF treatment and were offered laparoscopic evaluation and management as an alternative to additional IVF treatments, egg donation or adoption.

Twenty-nine women underwent the laparoscopy, while 35 chose not to. Camran Nezhat, MD, an adjunct clinical faculty member of surgery and obstetrics and gynecology who was a pioneer in the field of laparoscopic surgery, performed each procedure.

Nezhat and the team found that all 29 laparoscopy patients had endometriosis. After the treatment, more than three-fourths of the women (22) conceived; seven of these pregnancies came after subsequent IVF treatments. Thirty-seven percent—13 of 35—of women in the non-laparoscopy group conceived, and 11 of the pregnancies came after IVF.



40% sounds like good odds for ivf success. I did a bit of research n it seems that having endo only decreases ivf success by a couple of percent but like I say different sites seem to give different stats on this. I got this off the ivf predictor though that is recommended by nhs. I've read that article above too. Seems good stats. I think I've driven myself mad googling stuff especially over the last two weeks where I've had loadsa time on my hands while recovering from lap.

We have only just been referred for ivf and have initial appointment in a couple of weeks. There is no waiting list here so I'm hoping we will be able to do it in next few months before endo has a chance to return but we'll have to see what they say.


Good luck with it, we'll probably be following you down the same route in about 6 months time! Although because we already have a little girl we don't get funding so will need to pay. Blooming expensive!!!! I also read that IVF chance goes down with endo, but I'm not sure if that's pre laparoscopy or not. Really hope it goes well, best of luck.


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