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Constant water infection!!

Hi all, I need some help/ adivce. I had my lap done on the 19th June and had the coil fitted at the same time. I have really put up with the coil, even though I know we are not getting on at all. I get married on the 18th of this month so I really wanted to give it a go because I felt like I didn't have any other choice. Every week since the op I've been back to the hospital or doctors. I can't shift this painful water infection! I was given some anti biotics for a pelvis infection which were so strong it made me really ill. Now every time I finish a course of anti biotics the water infection is back within hours. I'm really not sure what to do, I have less than a week to my wedding im in pain, bleeding and just want the coil out. I know it's too late but I'm just so worried this will ruin my honeymoon due to the pain.

Can any one suggest or recommend anything? I would really love some help, lol !!!

Thank you xx

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I kept getting infections with the coil and had to have it removed I then started the depo and have had no problems for 4 years unfortunately I have had a recent flare up which is currently being investigated.


Hiya! Please don't blame the coil! I had constant urine infections from September last year until December of the same year, and I have never had the coil! I was on antibiotics constantly and back to the GPs every week! Hurt so much I broke down and cried when the doc told me I would be taking different antibiotics, could have kissed him! While the pain has stopped while peeing, my problem now is that I have no sensation of needing a wee, I don't wet myself I just need to remind myself every now and then to use the loo, doc says to mention it to the people who do my next lap! Having my 4th lap this week and will be mentioning my pouch of Douglas as due to my symptoms it would indicate I have Endo there as well!

Good luck and much love xx


Sorry went on so long about myself I forgot to give advice! OK you have to badger the GP so much that they will give you the antibiotics that you need to clear that infection! The strong ones I was given made me sick and caused me to imagine things! Awesome! But I stuck with them and the pain while peeing stopped! It probably won't help just before your wedding but honestly just harass the doctor enough and they will give you the antibiotics you need in the end!


it is very easy to become resistant to antibiotics for urine infections, but by saying it comes back right away, tells me it isn't actually being treated by the right antibiotics...if indeed it is an infection. Are you being tested each time you go back to the GP with this? and if your pee does test positive each time, then it needs to be sent off to the lab to identify what bug is causing this and the best anti-biotic to use on it. Bog standard anti-biotics may not be enough now.

Also remember as you are healing from the op, your immune system is not much of a back up right now at helping fend of infections, without a properly equipped immune system working on your side in the battle you need super strong anti-biotics. And they don't necessarily mean you will have horrid side effects.

I actually have a worse time on bog standard anti-biotics than I do on super strength ones.

Alternatively you might not have an infection but have post op bladder spasms which need different types of drugs to relax the bladder muscles and help you have a less painful peeing experience. The bladder works normally when tiny electrical impulses waft through the bladder system and tell you when to pee and how much to pee and so on.

After a trauma (which can include pregnancy and gynae operations) these electrical signals can get out of whack and go haywire which means that you bladder is in a confused state. It can hold on to pee, and get irritate and sore and swollen which makes peeing difficult or on the flip side it can mean yo uhave little or no control about when you need to pee and urgent loo trips or not making it to the loo in time become normal activities.

Step one, get the pee tested properly and if infected find out by what bug and get the right antibiotic for it and definitely complete the course of treatment however unwell it makes you feel.

Step two if not infected then get tablets to settle the bladder spasms.

You cannot feel bladder muscle spasms other than having problems and pain with loo trips. They are constantly happening and ordinarily you know nothing about the electrical impulses when they are working normally. Drugs taken for the spasms are Buscopan or Oxybutynin Hydrochloride and many others. It might take trying a few to find one that suits you best and it doesn't mean it will last forever, it can take many months then sort itsef out.

My post op bladder spasm issue lasted 17 months then got better all by itself.. For most patients it is a lot quicker than that. Several weeks to a few months is common.

It is not the mirena coil causing this. The strings of the mirena are anti-microbial and will not retain or transmit bacteria to the bladder even at full length hanging out of you, but if they have been trimmed back to be inside your vagina then they are no where near the bladder.

You can be on bladder spasm drugs at the same time as antibiotics, so if not sure which is causing the pains then try both. Yes it means more expense prescriptions wise but it is worth doing anything you can to try and ensure you have a pain free honeymoon.


Thank you so much for all your responses!

I went to the doctors and explained all, his sent my urine off to the lab. I'm just worried that I wont get any results back before the wedding on Sunday and I will be left without any help. I've grabbed everything possible to take away with me that may help with the infection if I do not get any help. I rang the secutary back today and explained my situation and she said she will talk to the doctor and see what he recommends if the results are not back in time.

After the op I wasn't allowed home as I couldnt go to the toilet, no matter how much I drank I couldn't go. After a couple of dribbles I was allowed home but always struggled since.... I'm always up during the night which is very odd for me as I would never wake to go to the toilet. I wonder if this has anything to do with the spasm you were talking about.

I have two days between the wedding and honeymoon so I'm hoping to get it sorted... Sounds so silly but Im scared to have intercourse incase it brings back the infection and ruins my holiday xxx


I don't think you do have an infection so much as post op bladder issue..urinary retention is pointing to post op bladder spasms being the cause of this. Ask your GP for Oxybutynin Hydrochloride ..it won't hurt to take it and if you don't need it it doesn't make things worse, but it could help a lot. No harm in getting it asap and seeing if that gives you some respite. As a warning it might work too well and have you dashing to the loo, but it does ease off pains and you can always wear pads to help with little accidents. Better to be able to go without pain than not go and be in pain.


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