Feeling so sick and don't know why

Had my op to remove severe endo 2 weeks ago and suffered a nasty urine/kidney infection after. Still got 2 days left of anti biotics but the last few days I've been feeling really sick. I'd kind of put it down to everything I've been through but I feel worse this morning. Up at 6 urging in the toilet but nothing coming up. Now just lying still in bed as if I move I feel worse. Since surgery all my pain has been in tummy area and surgery related and around the kidneys at the start of the infection but it's been amazing not having that awful pelvic pain I suffered with for so long but guess what today I have that stupid pelvic pain :-( feel like I took a few steps forward but now taken several back. I know they removed all the endo so what's bloody wrong with me now! Lol. I guess it could all just be part of recovery. Any thoughts or ideas much appreciated.xx

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  • Hi Cat,

    You really have been through the mill recently. You are bound to have post op pains in the very location where your endo was that make it seem as if it's still there? We all heal in different ways and at different rates. What painkillers did they give you to take home to deal with post op pain?

    Did they actually test for a urine infection? What did they find? I hope the antibiotics work soon. If you don't go for a pee soon it might be best to call hospital again and switch to another stronger antibiotic and possibly get catheter again. They really have to address this.

    I really feel for you. Sending you big hugs. x

  • Thanks hun. I've got the doctor ringing this afternoon. Yeah they tested urine in hospital and that's how they knew I had a urine infection. By the time I finish antibiotics tomorrow it will have been a 10 day course! Don't know if feeling sick is to do with infection or something else. I'll see what doc says but they are pretty useless at my surgery so not holding out much hope. I'm weeing on my own now but I have no feeling if when to go so I just go every few hours and push as hard as I can to get the most wee out! Lol. I'll tell the doc that aswell. Just feel so sick I wish I could just throw up and I might feel a bit better then!xxx

  • Yes, do say that you have no feeling of when to go. That sounds like some sort of message is not getting through to your brain to tell you to go. Ask for another urine test to see if infection has cleared up. The infection could be causing this whole bladder problem.

    Would you get in touch with the hospital/surgeon? It's a post op issue that they have caused! They might be better than your GP.

  • Hi hun I did call the dr on the ward I was on too as the GP was a bit shit as expected. they said get GP to check urine and do obs so been up there and spoke to reception. Normally they're quite rude and tell you to ring to get an appointment but I told them the hospital asked for me to be checked so she got a healthcare assistant to see me. Urine sample ok and temp and blood pressure ok. They think cos I'm on such a strong antibiotic that's what's making me feel sick. I finish them tomorrow so fingers crossed I stop feeling so sick after that. The dr at the hospital said my bladder will get back to normal but I've got fluid deposits around the bladder which is like internal bruising from the surgery so that's what's making it do hard to go. It'll take time but all should return to normal eventually. I think I panicked because I'd had a few reasonably good days and then woke up today feeling horrendous. Just making myself eat some jelly. Thanks for replying earlier.xxx

  • Hi Cat,

    I'm so glad you feel a bit more reassured. Good to hear the infection seems to have gone. Antibiotics. can be quite strong on your digestive system. Some people believe that taking probiotics can counter this effect and repopulate the gut with 'good' bacteria but there is no conclusive proof this works yet.

    I only had a minor procedure to remove a uterine polyp via hysteroscopy under GA. All the poking around upset my bladder a bit so it is very common for distress to be caused elsewhere in that busy pelvic area.

    It's very frustrating to feel like you might be going backwards but remind yourself that it's early days and there will be ups and downs. Hope you start to feel better after the antibiotics and the fluid clears up. xx

  • Thanks hun. Maybe I'll get some of those probiotic yogurts.xx

  • Hi Cat you've certainly had a tough journey these past few weeks. Hopefully you're now on the road to recovery and I wish you well. You've been through a lot and I suspect you're poor body is just exhausted and needs plenty of rest to heal. The antibiotics are probably I good reason to feel sick especially if your diet has been little. I had similar experience about 10 days after my hysterectomy. I felt so sick and yukky I got hubby to take me to out of hours clinic. The cocktail of drugs and little to eat didn't help. The lovely doctor insisted hubby make soup she even told him how to make it lol . I think the idea of his cooking spurred me on to eat bless him. Once off the antibiotics you'll hopefully start to feel less yukky. Big hugs and hope you pee free soon

  • Thank you that's a really lovely reply. I think you are right with the cocktail if drugs and eating little being the cause.xx

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