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Shoulder gas pain after hysteroscopy?

I'm finally having a hysteroscopy tomorrow to remove the mirena coil, after nearly a whole year of trying to have it removed. Thank goodness.

It's a day case op and I'm sure it will be fine - my only concern was that I find speculums excruciating and they're likely to be less careful if I'm under anaesthetic. Because I take high doses of morphine every day, I'm very tolerant to it so I've just been concerned about the pain.

I've just read up on exactly what will happen and they mentioned that they may use gas to inflate the womb which may cause shoulder pain.

I've had five laps so I'm very familiar with this but the last one was horrendous - I had huge amounts of gas trapped and couldn't lie down for nearly a week after the op because of the pain. At the time I was in hell and vowed never to have another lap!

Those of you who have had this, did you get shoulder pain and how did it compare to the same pain after a lap?

Will buy some peppermint tea or cordial just in case.


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Hiya my shoulder pain was bad, I took peppermint tea and I got a friend to buy some of the thermal heat pads from tescos, hope you know the ones I mean I found it really helped!


I have had 10 laparoscopies and sometimes got the shoulder tip pain but others I didn't.....so reckon it depends how much they use and other factors and therefore you might not necessarily get it again!

Why not talk to the surgeon first and explain your concern as am sure there will be something they can do to help ensure its not such a problem again. Good luck X


Invest in a microwaveable wheat bag if you don't already have one. That helped me loads with the pain (I still use it now when my Endo pain gets really bad) and make sure you get up and walk around as much as you can. I also drank peppermint tea and ate loads of sugar free polos x


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