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Shoulder pain


From my previous post you will see I have severe endo and am awaiting a operation however they are doing a MRI scan next week as I have severe shoulder pain which is sooo painful. They think this is a sign of the endo being on my diaphragm. Has anyone else been told this or experience this shoulder pain?

I'm really struggling with pain at the moment and just don't know what to do. My op isn't until August time they think. My doctors are great but don't want to signed off from work for that long they would hate me.

Many thanks

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This is so interesting! I have shoulder pain and the doctor hasn't been able to work out why, but I have noticed it gets worse around the time of my period so I guess it could be related. I haven't been told I have endo near my diaphragm but will speak to my surgeon next week (am having hysterectomy and excision of endo) just incase he hasn't checked that! Will let you know what he says, hope your pain improves soon. Do you find its worse at different times? X


Yes my shoulder pain is excruciating especially around the time of my period. They do call diaphratic endometriosis and for some reason it seems to be worse at night I'm not too sure if this is because I'm thinking about it more or if the position I lye in make me feel it more. Yes do let me know how you get on but nice to know someone else can relate


I know what you mean about the position to sleep in, have tried pillows under my shoulder to give support (I like to sleep on my front) which helps a bit. It was awful last week, suddenly came on after not having it for awhile, heat pad and ice pack made no difference at all, but I guess they won't if it's linked to endo! The ability of this disease to impact so many parts of the body is incredible! X


I get horrific shoulder pain when my endo flares up, the gynecologist hadn't mentioned it being on my diaphragm. I'm sure he's mentioned at some point though its do with it being on my ovaries and fallopian tubes, similar to how an ectopic pregnancy causes shoulder pain. x


Yeh he is not wrong shoulder pain is related to that too however my shoulder pain is constant severity and if yours is the same I would push for a MRI scan as it should show on diaphragm with that x


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