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Laparoscopy tomorrow, feeling nervous now

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Hi ladies, hope you are all as pain-free as possible. I'm having my first laparoscopy Wednesday morning and the nerves are staring to kick in. I had to have my second blood test today, ugh it was painful. Last one I had 2 weeks ago felt like a little scratch, but this time they couldn't find my veins so she had to use a bigger needle. I bruised last time and can already see a bruise forming. I can't remember why I was told to have the second test, I wish I'd written it down!

I think I'm a bit hormonal at the moment, spent a lot of time crying tonight. I don't know what I'm more concerned about - the general anaesthetic or the op itself. I remember how rubbish my mum felt after her shoulder op from the general a few years ago. It's a diagnostic lap but I've been told if they find small enough bits, they will excise them. If there's a bigger problem they will bring me round and I will have to go back in another time. I'm praying they just find smallish bits. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis from an MRI scan last year and had the Mirena put in. It's been 7 months and thereis no difference in the pain so far. I know it's natural to be nervous and so many of you have gone through the same thing.

I will be having a nice soak in the bath later - my mum found it funny that I was more concerned about people seeng my hairy legs than anything else :). My husband is off work to look after me until next Tuesday, then my mum will take over if I need her. I've bought peppermint tea in case I have the shoulder pain from gas and full fat cola which I will let go flat - sounds disgusting but if it helps, so be it. I keep telling myself that in a few days, I'll be back home and recovering.

Annabel x

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Dear Annabel, Just wanted to wish you good luck. Let us know how you get on. I had my first lap about 11 yrs ago now and recall being groggy and sore for a bit afterwards. Get plenty of rest and stock up on treats. You will have earned them :-) xx

Hey Annabel

Good Luck with your op. I have my first laparoscopy within the next 6 weeks, like you i am also soooooo nervous but will be so happy when i have had it done as I have been waiting so long for it. You will be fine you will wake up and be ok and then you can have a well earned rest, let us know how you get on xx

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Thank you :) good luck for yours too. Mine happened so quickly, I've only had 3 weeks to wait. Maybe that's a good thing. I will be preparing today, finishing housework (in bursts as I'm feeling so tired) and packing my overnight bag just in case. I'm supposed to get there for 7am and allowed to drink water until 6am so I should be ready for after 8am, I'm hoping I won't have a long wait. I will post and let you know how I got on once I'm back home xx

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I am hoping mine wont be long, I think its better if done sooner so your not sitting around waiting for it to happen. Mine can be any time from now to six weeks, I will just be glad to find a way to try and control these horrible symptoms. x

Thanks for your reply :) one thing I was wondering about was eating afterwards. I've bought plenty of chicken breasts so I can something plain if I'm still feeling nauseous plus plain bread and soup. I have no idea how I will feel but fingers crossed it won't be as bad as I'm thinking


Hi Annabel

It's so normal to feel nervous! But you will be in good hands - all the team will have done this many times before. You sound like you have good support set up. A hot water bottle or heat pad might be useful, as might some good DVDs or books! Foodwise, I enjoyed soups afterwards, for a couple of days.

We are all different so one experience won't mirror yours, but this was mine....I had my lap last July and had recto vaginal endo nodules etc removed as well as an ovary.

The afterwards was slow - I was tired and needed to sleep a lot, I had some nausea from the anaesthetic, but told everyone when it was happening and had drugs to get rid of it. The pain following surgery was very limited, and I was surprised that it was mostly the shoulder tip pain that I had (after the gas they put in to be able to see everything inside). Unfortunately I didn't find painkillers helped that. To be honest the best help for that was walking - or old lady shuffling as it was for me for a couple of days. I went out for a couple of walks with my hubbie and apart from a zimmer frame I was a real old lady. My hubbie was with me for a couple of days and my mum came to stay and took the load off him and kept the kids entertained!

My recovery from the anaesthetic took a couple of days - sleeping was very important. Do take all the anti sickness stuff they offer if that is a worry for you - especially if you have tramadol as it can make you nauseous! From the op it took me longer - I tried to go shopping for clothes 3 days later - I knew it was too soon when driving felt difficult but persevered and lasted an hour. Disappointing as it was the sales! I managed a full shopping trip the following week so about 10 days later, and by 2 weeks later I was on holiday and cycling a bike happily. Much of my niggly endo pain has now settled down as a result of the surgery.

But - as I said - my experience won't mirror yours - I have a friend who had her lap and nodule removal and went to parents evening straight from the hospital. Made me feel quite feeble really as I lay in my bed in hospital thinking about her! She later confessed that it was a mistake to go to the parents evening! But that she told me to reduce my worry about being laid up for a while!

Good luck with it all, and I hope that the result will certainly make it all worthwhile.

Thinking of you for tomorrow

x Recovering

Everything depends on what they find during Lap. The Lap itself is fairly straight forward. they make about three tiny (half inch) incisions round pelvis area and usually one by your belly button and feed a minute camera on a thin wire in, to see what's going on. I have had two laps and the incision scars don't even show at all now! It is only if they find endo deposits and/or adhesions (scar tissue) that they need to excise them and that can make you a bit sore for a few days.

I found the worst part is trapped gas and the relief of having your first poo after is ecstatic! That is why it is best to walk a bit to get things going afterwards. If you do get pain, they can give you meds for that.

Hi, good luck with the lap everything will be ok. I was referred to a fertility clinic last year after 3 years ttc. I had my lap in oct 2012 3 weeks after my 1st appointment!! Everything was ok and it was during that op they found I had endometriosis and a few adhesions. They used a lazer whilst asleep to remove. I woke up in alot of pain and was given morphine but was fine after. Shoulder pain is the worst recommend taking a strong pain killer and bed rest for a few days. Didn't eat much after I just wanted toast! I ended up having 3 weeks off work as my bikini line scar got slightly infected. I now have my 2nd appointment tomorrow with the infertility clinic so fingers crossed all is ok. The op was the best thing as I don't get hardly any pain anymore. Really hope all is ok for you and make sure you rest! Xx

Hi Annabel, I won't say 'DON'T WORRY' as I know it won't make a lot of difference. I was so anxious (mainly re the GA as don't seem to cope with them too well- but that's just me and the staff will onitor you well afterwards and if you need to be kept in like I was then it's for the best)- so much so that it affected my heart afterward so try 'try' to relax a little before hand if you can. Go with your Husband- I was v stubborn and told mine not to come, in hindsight I shouldn't have stopped him coming as good to have company, the pain afterwards- try to cope with pain k other than Tramadol if you can- these made me v sick but you may be ok with them? The pain in tummy wasn't too bad, I tried to do too much too soon as have 2 under 5 so don't do that- rest as much as poss or you'll prolong your recovery, sleep sleep sleep! I wish you all the best and hope you get answers x

Thank you for all your replies and well wishes. I am trying to take it easy in between helping hubby with tidying the house up. I notice a few of you were given tramadol afterwards - I already take that for my endo pain. I've been on it for awhile now but it still works so hopefully if they use that, I won't feel sick. I just want it over and done with now, I keep telling myself that this time tomorrow it will be over and I should be on my way home xx

Good luck for tomorrow! I've just found out I have to have one sometime soon... but that's all I was told, so reading this has really helped!

I hope it's ok! xx

Good luck for tomorrow, I have to wait till 1st March for mine. This will be my 4 th lap and I will be having excision of endo, adhesion remove, bladder stretch and a camera to look at my bladder. Dreading it to be honest but hoping it will help. Nerves are normal x x

Thanks ladies :) The hospital just called me about tomorrow. There are 10 of us being done, no idea what number I will be but I'm hoping I won't be left til last. The waiting will be a pain, I'd rather just get it over and done with. I've been crying so much today but I think it's time of the month stuff as I've been having some period style belly pains with it. I've been told to take my painkillers in the morning as well but no drinking after 6am. Thank you for all the good luck wishes xx

Hi Annabel,

In the last 6 months I have had 2 laparoscopys, after never being in hospital I was in twice in 6 months!!.... I understand your scared and worried and I also had to make sure my legs were shaved too!! Lol... But, try not to worry, easy to say I know, but with my operations I had no adverse affects from either anaesthetic, no sickness and no trapped wind or shoulder pain.

The first operation was just to remove a polyp and cyst, but after I woke up they told me I had stage 4 endometriosis. I never had a clue what that was, but have since done my homework!! My second laparoscopy was on 10 December 2012, this was a major operation and I was under for 4 hrs, it went really well and my husband and I are now planning a family with my consultants approval, advice and observation.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, your operation tomorrow is the first step to the future! Good luck hun, crying is normal, so go with the flow and be kind to yourself!

Let us know how you get on..

Kelly (37 yrs old) x

Hi ladies, well what a waste of a day. Arrived in the day room 650am, found out about 9am I was last on the list. Just before 4pm I was told the last 3 ops of the day were being cancelled due to there being no beds available. Poor hubby took the week off to care for me as well. The hospital will be ringing me on Monday to let me know when my op will be rescheduled, it should hopefully be in the next 2 weeks. Wasted £20 on parking as well. Not happy at all xx

oh no! thats so bad :( hope it goes ahead and goes well when you go back in 2 weeks :) xxx

they really dont think about the practicalities do they? i love how they always assume that there will be someone able to take care of you and that making last minute changes wont cause any problems. they nearly cancelled mine last time because similar to you i was last on the list and my dad was not going to be there to pick me up after and take me home. in the end i got to stay in over night, but i think i was very lucky, and they were not at all happy or helpful during my stay. the NHS is massively overstretched. its ridiculous.

No they don't think about us at all. My consultant was very frustrated and angry with the situation but it's still annoying. I was tempted to tell them to shove it as I already know I have adenomyosis but I guess I should still have it in case they find endo.

No they don't think about us at all. My consultant was very frustrated and angry with the situation but it's still annoying. I was tempted to tell them to shove it as I already know I have adenomyosis but I guess I should still have it in case they find endo.


You sound like you have been having a really bad time!

I have been in and had the op and they told me that I has a small blister on my ovary and this may be endo! But they do not think that this is what is causing all of my pain. I have had really bad pain since starting my periods 13 years ago! All the doctors do is give me many different pain killer.

Last year I was at the hospital and the gyne told me that she did not know what was causing my pain but I could try Zoladex for 6 months. If this helps the pain must be related to my hormones ( I have been telling them this for year, but they think it is IBS!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway I was on Zoladex for 6 months and it was great no pain at all... Some hot flushes but this was easy to deal with compared to the pain I was in before.

Anyway, 7 months has past and I am no longer on Zoladex, I had another appointment with the gyne and she was shocked when I said the Zoladex helped!! Then she said maybe they missed something when doing my op... Then she changed her mind and told me that I would be cured now after having the treatment for 6 months!!!!! I was not happy with this and told her! I told her I wanted something done about it and I did not want to leave because I would need to wait around 15 weeks for another appointment with her.. She then told me that I was very negative and I needed to think positive and the pain would not return!!!

Luckily I had my mother with me at this appointment because if I didn't I don;t think anyone would of believed me that a doctor told me that if I think positive the pain will not return!!!!!!

Anyway the gyne told me to go on the pill for 3 months without a break!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN FOR THE 4th TIME.........

I just left the hospital, phoned my own doctor and asked to be referred to another doctor at the hospital.. This is a complete joke.. Why can nobody help us all..

I am only 24 and have no children so I can not continue with Zoladex

I have tried the marina coil, implant, the pill, naproxen, every IBS tablet there is, dyhidrocodine and tramadol and lot more . nothing works when the pain comes. Dyhidrocodine helped with the pain for about a year but when I was taking it for pain I could not work, it just made me sleep!! So I had lots of sick days!!

Does anyone have any advise on what I can do..

After my op I was fine after a few days, I had a bit of pain but nothing compared to the pain I have had when I get bad..

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