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Left shoulder pain

I was diagnosed with severe endometreosis after a lap in august this year. I have been suffering for a number of years with pain but it steadily got worse over time. Im 28 and was told by my gynaecologist that they think in the next 15 years i will need to have a hysterectomy. 2 years ago i was experiencing some chest pain which out of hourse put down to too many pain killers.Since the lap i have been tryin to get fit and get myself back on track but since starting going to the gym i now get chest pain and left shoulder pain which is a bit like the gas tryin to escape post lap. Its constantly there but worse if i over stretch. Constantly a dull ache. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi - shoulder pain can be a symptom of endo on the diaphragm. It is rare but nonetheless does sometimes occur with severe endo. Were you told you had/have this? The pain would usually be on the right but presumably could just affect the left depending on what nerve is involved - aggravation of the phrenic nerves on the diaphragm refers pain to the shoulders and is what causes shoulder pain at a lap. What was found and done at your lap? For someone with severe endo to be told a hysterectomy within 15 years is the solution rings alarm bells. Severe endo must only be dealt with in a specialist endo centre - is this where you are being seen? Is your consultant on this list:


If you are in England you have access to see anyone you want. Click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find a specialist and please come back if you need help. x


After my lap i was told there was a lot of endo removed etc but nothing was said about my diaphragm. I was operated on by a gynaecologist and havent been referred to an endo specialist. My nearest centre is aberdeen and havent had the chance to speak to someone who specialises in it. Can i self refer or does that need to be my current consultant that does this? Im just fed up. Hopeing to have a 2nd child before things get out of control again so currently only using pain management.

Thank you


Do you know where you had endo removed from? Unfortunately you don't have so many options in Scotland and are at the mercy of the system there as to whether or not you get to a centre but if you have what is defined as severe or rectovaginal endo then this must only be dealt with in a centre in accordance with the requirements of the RCOG. (the Royal College of Gynaecologists) who set standards.


It was on my ovaries and my womb. There was a patch on my pouch of douglas that the consultant wasnt sure about. Was sent for an mri and wasnt convinced that it was endo. Since then i havent heard anymore-there was a ? about doin further investigations but i havent heard anymore. That was in october.

Im just not sure what to do


I think it would be worth obtaining a copy of the surgical report and any letters that were sent to your GP to see what they meant by 'severe'. There will be a small charge but not too much. The fact that they said you need a hysterectomy suggests that you haven't been thoroughly treated and I think we need to try and establish if your fulfil the criteria for referral to the centre.


They also showed me photos that were obtained during the lap but i dont think they would let me have a copy as i had asked previously. I will see if i can get the reports next week after the public holidays


Hi. I have had pain in my right shoulder for about 8 years. My gp sent me for physio. All that happened there was hot wet towels put on my shoulder and to keep still for half hour at a time? I have so many symptoms that I have since related to endometriosis. I thought I was a hyperchondriac!

I can sympathise with you as shoulder pain can be so severe it catches your breath.

Sharon x


Aw its awful i even find i get a sore chest if out in strong winds and it catches my breath. Sorry to hear you have so many different symptoms. There really isnt enough awareness of endo and how much people suffer from it.

Sam x


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