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Has anyone else had their first zoladex injection recently?

Hey, I got my first zoladex injection (tummy) on Thursday last week (owch)! I don't feel any different yet. The doctor never actually told me much about it, and then I read the leaflet on the way home from the hospital so I'm not sure I would have agreed to get it had I known the side affects.

Also, I was wondering if anyone knew if the Marina coil will still be effective contraception as I read that hormone contraceptions may not work?!?! The doctor never said anything about it to me, but I did kind of feel she just wanted me out of her office! (I secretly don't blame her, I'm not the best company when I'm in pain!) :)

Any comments would be hugely appreciated as I don't know anyone else in a similar position.

Many thanks xx

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I am due to have my 3rd zodalex implant at the end of this month and am also taking livial HRT too. It is supposed to put you into early menopause to help with the effects of endo. But unfortunately in my case I am still having periods and they are now lasting 15 days at a time. I really hope it works for you though


I had my first one in dec,just had my third.My periods stopped straight away but it took a couple of months for the pain to go,I am now aching all over,I think I need the hrt xx


I'm due my third Zoladex injection in a fortnight after 3 Prostap injections; by now all activity should have ceased, but I am still bleeding a little bit. Admittedly this is extreme, by the second jab I'm normally completely 'turned off'. It's different for everybody, but I very much doubt that anything would have happened within a week.

As for the Mirena - it's primary function is as a contraceptive; the very fact that you have it in place in your womb should prevent any pregnancies

Hope this helps :)


Thanks so much for your answers. I think I will go to the docs and ask for some hrt, just incase I need it. It's great having somewhere to chat to people that are going through the same thing. I think my friends sometimes think I'm just moaning about period pains. Xxx


I had my first injection in january and it was 3.6mg and had my second one on Monday passed and it was increased to 10.8mg, i have just read the leaflet and it says this dose is not for women, does anyone know about this? I havent been given any hrt although the consultant mentioned it.


I had my first one 4 weeks ago, was due to have 2nd yesterday but cancelled. I have had one of the worst months of illness ever, with increased pain, nausea, head pain, tiredness and really really low mood to the point of feeling suicidal. I know all things are different for all people but I find it worrying that these doctors are just giving out this treatment without giving the full picture - my gynae didn't warn me about the side effects and they knocked me sideways. I really hope you have better luck than me and this treatment works for you xx


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