Any advice for Zoladex and the side effects? First injection in a couple of weeks

Hello - went to the hospital yesterday, is 10 months since my first lap which doesn't appear to have worked, in constant pain. I've been told I am going to start having monthly injections of Zoladex for 6 months to confirm it is endo.

Does anyone have any advice for what to expect/feel? I have read a few stories on here and am getting more and more terrified. Does anyone have any advice if it affects you daily/interferes with work? I am just a bit conscious about how it will impact on myself.

I'm meant to be having my first injection in a couple of weeks so would appreciate some advice.


H x

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  • Hello, I have my first injection later on today. I have also been through all the emotions, but I think its got to be worth a try! For every bad story you hear on here there is also a good one.

    Just let your company know that you are having this treatment and a list of the possible side affects. Same with family and friends. I have warned people that I may be a complete mess and I have apologised in advance for any craziness.

    Will let you know how it goes!


  • Ok thanks for the advice, let me know how you get on and how you feel!

    I have pre-warned my close relatives about it but we will see!

    Thanks for that, I hope yours goes ok too :) :)


  • Hey girls, I'm 3rd week into zoladex. The main problems I have had is hot flushes, night sweats and really sore thighs. Also crying a lot. But nothing too scary, I was warned about them. Xxx

  • hi I had a 7mnth course of zoladex after I had tried prostap which failed to stop my monthlies. the zoladex also failed to stop my monthlies and I ended up bleeding at least 20 days a month . I would get ready for an emotional rollercoaster in my experience I was all over the place the injections worsened my depression which was stable before I went on them I would be happy one minute and crying the next. I would still give them a go and try them because something that hasn't worked for me worked for my friend. she stopped bleeding unlike me she still had the hot flushes like me and the emotional rollercoaster but she found that easier to cope with as she wasn't bleeding and becoming quite anaemic like I was. in the end I gave up and had a hysterectomy on the 5th march because I had exhausted all other options. I would have a fan ready for next to the bed and your summer duvet/sheets on the bed and also stock up on sanitry products just incase. good luck and if you would like to talk anymore or even just have a rant as I know I regually need a rant because of it all then feel free to message me. good luck with the injections xxxx

  • Hi I have had three injections and really struggling with the side effects, hot flushes all the time, insomnia is the killer! leg pain, weight gain and lake of energy. It hasn't worked for me in anyway. I do wish you all the best, I hope it works and you get some relief. All I can say that if it does not have any effect on your endo then stop it, don't carry on. Good luck ladies xx

  • Hi, I haven't been on zolodex but prostap twice. The first time I went on prostap I found it fantastic! I got hot flushes which woke me every night and for the first few months I felt a bit down. But my pain disappeared completely and no more bowel problems. I felt like I was getting a chance to know what life as a woman without endometriosis must be like :) I begged my dr to keep me on it but he said they couldn't. A laparoscopy and a few years later I was in a right old state with the pain particularly bowel stuff. They offered me prostap again and I jumped at it. I had a really different experience this time, terrible anxiety and mood swings and hot flushes were worse. I have read that at first your estrogen levels can increase temporarily before they drop off. I am so sensitive to this so I had a bright red face pounding heart tingling hands and feet and anxiety for the first month or so. I opted out at month 4 and my own hormones came back with a bang. It's amazing how I reacted so differently, but I had some major stuff going on in my life the second time so maybe stress levels played a part. I would advise loads of relaxation and taking good care of yourself. Walking my dogs for miles helped me also tried meditation for relaxation which can help you to focus on the positive x

  • Thank you for all of your responses - I will let you know how I get on! Am not looking forward to the hot flushes over the summer! I work in London so will not be a nice site on the tube everyday lol xxx

  • Hi hannahpoppy46,

    I am just coming to the end of my first week on the zoladex and wanted to keep you updated.

    I didn't find the injection bad at all, for me it was just like any other injection I have had but in my stomach and not my arm.

    I dunno whether it has still got to kick in yet but I have been all right so far. I did have some pain on Sunday and Monday but I found a couple of Ibuprofen and moving around helped a lot. It felt sort of like trapped wind and down the right hand side of my lower back. I had my injection of that side so I don't know if that had something to do with it.

    I have my fingers crossed that this is as bad as it gets.


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