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Starting to have second thoughts about the coil!! Help!

I have an operation booked in on the 22nd March.

I had a lap in August 2014 and was diagnosed with mild endo which was lasered. They told me to go on the pill back to back which I did but had to stop as my body does not get on with the pill whatsoever, and this has always been the case.

I am having another lap on the 22nd to remove any endo that has grown back and to have the coil fitted and then zoladex injections.... I have had a little read on here this morning and all I seem to see are people's bad reviews on the coil!!

I suffered with an eating disorder for years and only recovered last year, I have a massive fear of gaining weight on birth control, this happened when I went on the pill and it caused me to fall into a relapse, I don't want this to happen again. I told this to my first consultant and she said 'maybe when you grow up you will take it' which I thought was so so rude.

I know everyone is different, and every body is different, but I am so scared to have the coil fitted! I don't want to have horrific mood swings, gain weight or suffer with bad skin.

I don't know what to do and my op isn't long away for me to decide :(.

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Only you can answer this, I've heard good things as well as bad, but I will say more people make comments when things are going wronge, than when things are going well, so bear that in mind,

Good luck with you op,


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Yeah you are right. I think I was just having a bit of a panic about it all this morning but I feel a lot better now. I will give it a go and if it isn't for me then at least a tried! Thank you :) xxx


I was in your shoes before January. I asked on here about other peoples experience with the mirena, and from the replies I got it was very 50/50

I did have the coil fitted during my laparoscopy mainly because my doctor/nurse said it would hurt like hell if you have it fitted while awake.

The coil does work for some people. And it is a case of trial and error with the different endo "treatments"

I know this doesn't help you decide but I wanted you to know that we all go through the "Do I? Or don't I?"

Sometimes I wish someone would make my choices for me lol. Hope you work out what to do soon x

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Thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one then! How do you get on with the coil now you've had it fitted??


Positive side, I don't have endo pain. But so far I am still spotting most days. Hoping it will settle down, if not I think I will have it removed. But time will tell!


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Only you know what's best for you hun, but overcoming an eating disorder is a massive achievement so don't let any consultant make you feel bad about yourself! Unfortunately birth control can react differently in every woman so it's difficult to judge what will happen to you. Have you asked your consultant how long it will take the Mirena to settle? You may find that your weight/skin/moods may react sort term or even to different medication on top of the Mirena. Just remember that it is reversible so if you change your mind you can always have it taken out and look into other options.

I'm not sure if you've heard of Jillian Michaels (the personal trainer form The Biggest Loser), but she suffers with Endo and PCOS yet is in amazing shape and her skin looks amazing!

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I have a pre op on the 14th so I think I will speak about the mirena in more detail then with a nurse. Thank you so much! xx


Good luck hun and keep us updated! Have you asked if you can be referred to Pain Management? I know you're having an op, but you might find it helpful to have an opinion from Consultants that are specialised in pain. I found Pain Clinic to be the most helpful department so far xx


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