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Is this normal?

I'm on Cerazette continuous and in my second month. I woke at 3am two consecutive nights with very bad cramps and pains and started heavy bleeding. It's not the first time, so I just popped the pain killers and gritted teeth. However there's been some strange solids which are white/grey and red clots. It looked like raw stringy chicken and was the size of my palm at least. It was so unusual I took a picture. Sorry to be so descriptive, but I just want to know if anyone else can tell me if this is normal.

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Hi hun. There wasnt a chance u were preg was there? X


I've no idea to be honest, but I doubt it. X


Only i had a similar experience... I had the implant put in and i was preg (didnt know at time obvs but it was like a 1 in a million chance) but unfortunatly the way u described that raw stringy chicken was how i described it to the doctor... He sent me to a'n'e straight away and the gyne confirmed this. The following day i passed the tiny sac ..i dont mean to worry u hun and it could just be a dodgy period but when i read ur post it sounded excatly like my experience. Go see a doctor hun. We can only share stories. Even if he/she just puts ur mind at ease. Take care xx and dont worry to much xx


OMG I've just been to the toilet again and it was just the raw chicken about half a finger in size this time. Thanks for your advice I'll call GP tomorrow but probably won't get an appointment. What does the tiny sac look like? I wonder what else could look like this if not preg. Thanks so much for your advice xxxx


Well dont worry to much hun.. It could be nothing. The sac just looked like a white-ish round blob.. Sounds gross but i went back to the hospital withit because it freaked me out, i had no idea what it was. The nurse took us into a side room to say it was the sac and would we like it buried/cremated... It was all very surreal because the day before i just thought i was having a heavy wierd looking period. Sorry for so much detail but if it helps someone else. Hope ur ok hun. And dont worry ul be fine im sure xx


Well thanks for sharing your story. I hope you've recovered from it and are feeling well.

I'm set for another night of 3 hours sleep. Fingers crossed we all wake up fit and well! Xxx


it sounds a bit too big for a regular blood clot from what I have experienced, having said that I have had plenty of table spoon sized lumps of menstrual clotted goop come out of me in the past on a monthly basis. It's a very weird sensation passing such things, and quite scary, so I do know how you must have been shocked by it.

As I got older (with endo but didn't know it at the time) the clumps or clots got more frequent and bigger as periods went by. It is possible that the menstrual lining having been built up over 8 weeks and therefore in theory twice as thick as normal, will come away in large gloopy clots, so this could be a normal shedding and not a miscarriage, but it is certainly something to get checked out.

It is in essence the same as having an early miscarriage because the lining has built up over a longer period of time, so appearances wise it will be very similar. The key difference is ofcourse if you have lost a pregnancy, you will hopefully expel the sac, but that doesn't always happen even when the lining sheds, so for that reason you need to get it checked out and possibly have a D&C to tidy you up inside if it was a failed pregnancy and has not all come away. My sister lost a pregnancy at 3 months but it did not expel the sac.

She got really spotty skin and felt quite unwell until they cleaned her out.

They made her wait 2 weeks after discovering the pregnancy had failed before they gave her a D&C which I thought was very unfair on my sister but they didn't consider it an emergency. i guess they were hoping mother nature would do her duty, but she didn't.

the good news is that after the D&C, my sister was pregnant a few weeks later and it was a success having lost several before that.

whether pregnancy or period, it does at least prepare you for next time it might happen. it's always a real shocker first time round, but less shocking when it happens again...and again.

It's not something they warn you about in human biology at school.


Hi chippers, hope u are feeling much better today . Claire x


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