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Hi, i had my first laparoscopy about 5 weeks ago. Had my first period a week after the op - normal, had my second period since op last week - normal, but two days after I'm in so much pain which is keeping me awake at night. It got so bad last night that I was considering going to the hospital. I didn't and today it's a bit better but still hurting a bit. What I find strange is that I've never had pain straight after my period, just before or during. Has anyone had anything similar? I wondered if it's just my body settling down after the op or should I be worried? 

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  • hi what are your pains? im about 4-5weeks post op. my periods just ending.. ive had a full week of brown discharge and the most tender boobs ever.. minor cramps.. worst groin pain ever for a full day, then i had a week of very heavy bleeding with no pains.. now at the end im having minor browndischarge and my back is killing me! its radiated down my legs to my ankles.. did i mention this is at the end of a very long period? lol

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. The pain started as cramps but it then felt like something burning inside me, which also went down my legs. I actually feel ok this morning but have a lot of watery discharge. Have your wounds fully healed yet? My belly button is still weaping

  • heys. my wounds are fully healed. i kept my waterproof bandages on for a week.. then cleaned them every 3 days with saline mainly to get rid of the dry blood the rebandaged. they healed real quick. i still get niggles from ovarys(i had cyst partially removed from left ovary). my belly/fupa area often gets tender when wearing pants with button/zipper like its still a tab bruised. no longer have gas pain. today is the first time ive taken codeine and paracetamol in 2 weeks. i normally let bearble pain ease on its own. everyone recovers differently. i think your bodys still reovering. i often think i am. i get tired quite easy, actually ive been waking up queezy this past week.. possibly from anaesthetic!? apparently it lingers in your system for a year.. i had a reaction after lap and had to take extra doses of antinausea stuff cause evthing was making me sick lol. could you be ovulating? a lot of chikies get ovulating cramps.. just an idea. or body healing

  • hey, I'm 8weeks post op. It was my first op to remove Endo and scarring. I had a few days of light bleeding immediately after the op, a period 5-6 weeks after (a little heavy and quite painful but not too bad) then a couple of weeks after the period started (I'd stopped bleeding then-possibly ovulation time) I have the most horrendous pains. I have slightly pinky brown discharge (haven't spotted for.months even before the op), feels like a burning pain in my lower back and back of hips. I also have a trapped nerve type feeling at the base of my spine which goes into the sides of my bottom, thighs etc. I had started light exercise so I thought I'd actually damaged myself but now I'm realising the pelvic pain that comes with it is like endo pain. I'm really hoping I'm still recovering and this will stop because until then I was feeling like it had helped :( xx

  • Same here. I feel quite down about it too. I thought this op would resolve the issues I've had but at the moment it seems to be worse. Was hoping to start trying for a baby too but I don't feel I'm ready to even try yet! Hopefully it's just our bodies trying to get back to 'normal'. Good luck x

  • Fingers crossed it all settles down for you. This is actually the most painful I've ever had it. Usually the pain is constant but fairly moderate with just a few flare ups that last a couple of days. This is like a constant flare up for 2weeks now :( is it the pain that makes you feel you're not ready for a baby? If you don't mind me asking where is your Endo? Mine I POD and a lot of various ligaments and muscles. Xx

  • Hi, sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Do you have to go back for a check up with the surgeon? It is the pain that's stopping us trying but hopefully with the pain reducing that should help. I'm not 100% sure where my endo was, I find out on Wednesday when I go back to the hospital. I also have andymesiosis (sorry not sure how to spell it), so I'm not sure if that's going to cause problems conceiving. Hope today is a better day for you x

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