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Is this normal??


Hey girls :) I was on the prostap 3 month injection back in Sept had a bit of a rough start with it for the first 2 months, my consultant told me it would be completely out of my system at the end of the 3 months, but its been 3 months since the treatment finished and my body hasnt came back to normal no sign of my period returning!! I'm a bit confused and worried tbh :( after being in agony everyday for over a year the pain has suddenly stopped all together which is great but I've no idea why!! Wondering if any of you's have experienced this with prostap and how long did it take for your periods to return??

Thanks in advance :) xxx

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Hi, I'm having my 1st injection this week, so will be interested in the replays too.

I gave heard ladies say it can rake awhile to come out if the system.


Amanda-jill26 in reply to Tboag

Yeah I thought that aswel but it was funny my gyne doc said no it will be out straight away. I hope the injection works well for you xxx

Mine took over two months to return. It's a powerful drug. Registrar at my hospital said in some women it can be up to a year for things to get back to normal. I was having periods but not ovulating and I came off it to try for a baby. Took several months to start ovulation xx


The first time I took prostap, it took around 8 months for it to leave; I've been told that it can last up to one year but leave your body as quickly as one or two months down the line. I think - like most things - it's based on individuals' hormone levels so I wouldn't worry too much at the moment...if you get no periods after six months, maybe ask for tests to see what's happening...

Well I haven't had this done but I know some things about it, I'm not sure if it's the sAme thing but a lot of injections put you through menopause. I could be wrong but just an idea

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