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Is this common? Pain on the run up to period, during and after

I’ve been tracking my periods best I can - from memory and from texts to my husband lol and I’ve logged it all on that period app.

July 29th my period started and I was in agony the worst period pain I’ve ever had i remember been in bed sat up and actually been in physical pain in my back and thinking oh my god this is bad..I had to stand over the stairs and hold on to something and I was walking around trying to make the pain stop.. I remember having to cancel a meal out as the pain was intense.. whilst still on my period on 31st July I ended up in A&E my legs were shaking the pain was horrendous.

Looking back last month I had one week of greatness no pain and felt great I even drove 4 hours to Manchester..

3 days before my period was due I had a big meal and thought it was that at first but then realised my period was due.. Started to have back pain and cramps.

I noticed there seems to be some kind of pattern linked with before my period, during and after I get pain would this make sense? Not saying I’m pain free other days sometimes it’s it’s bad randomly but I can really pin point in sept a week of feeling fine and I was out and about feeling normal, eating whatever and feeling good then soon as my period is due it kicks off again.

When I’m in pain and anxious I lose appitite which I think is normal. I just remember from 17th -22nd September eating cake, feeling good. Then 24th the back pain was back and my period came on 26th.

My period pain isn’t identical or as painful each time I think my July period was the worst as my legs were shaking and I’ve never had pain like it. Some periods aren’t as bad but still painful it’s more pain running up to it, pain during then pain afterwards I’ll have random days of pain but last my last period I can pin point of a good week then oh my period was due and I’m back at square one

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I'm so sorry for your pain. I hope you are starting to feel better now. It's a nightmare being a woman sometimes.

I also get pain the week before my period starts.

My body shakes all over a tremor that feels like my insides are turning to jelly.

I have lower back pain.(sometimes down my leg) Pelvic and stomach pains.

My bowels constantly contract pushing on my bladder. I need to wee and or poo every 1 to2 hours the relive pressure.

I am also physically sick. So bad that some days I do not know what end of my body, to put on the toilet first. head to be sick or bowels .

My mood changes. My boyfriend usually asks me if I've come on yet. He notices before I do sometimes. After 23 years He had got used to my ways. my dogs keep cuddling me.

I feel very tearful and want to scream. As I feel this emotional pressure building up inside like a volcano ready to burst.

My period starts, I'm in bed for the first day. Some times the first 3 days. I am on autopilot and I have no idea how I function as I just want to curl up and die with the pain and aching body.

I sleep when I can. As fatigue is really bad for the next 3 weeks. Before, during and after my period.

I feel like a drama queen. This is my normal for the last 30 years.


Hi Kate, yes I have the same symptoms as yours. All periods are painful but some are excruciating and even the prescription drugs mixed with over the counter ones don’t touch the pain.

Pain before and after periods is symptom of endometriosis and adenomyosis (when the endo is within the uterus lining) and indeed usually consists of back pain (mine is kind of diffuse unpleasant pain) and a dull aching pelvic pain (but can be full on pain like on periods).

The pain is not in your head, you’re not alone in this.

Me too, I have a week left of pain free time and have various types of pain the rest of the month. It’s important to identify which pain and type is cyclical and at what time of the cycle so you can understand them better.

I’ll reply to your other msgs too 💪

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Hey, does adenomyosis show up on stomach ultrasound or transvaginal? And what are the symptoms of this?


Yes it can on the TV but only seen by an endo expert. Symptoms are the same as endo but will include brown discharge at the end of periods.

There are different types of adeno, whether the endo patches are diffuse or more heterogeneous. My uterus thickness was higher at some points, was heterogeneous, I think that’s why the endo expert could easily see my adeno. I think if it’s more diffuse and homogeneous inside the uterus lining, then it’s too difficult to detect and can only be Dx after hysterectomy and analysis of tissue.


I haven’t been diagnosed with endo or anything but I do suffer bad pains before and during my period especially in my lower stomach and lower back. I can’t walk anywhere without crying and sex is so painful etc


You should go to GP and when he said you should be on birth control or try another one, say you have too many side effects. I think they need to refer you to proper gyne/endo specialist after that. Insist that your symptoms are cyclical and affecting your quality of life, you have a lot of responsibilities and want to be able to plan for your future but these cyclical pains are affecting everything you do.

If you have discharge, blood or brown after periods, this is ground for referral under two week for suspected cancer; use it to your advantage to be referred to the correct specialist straight away (check BSGE centre nearby and name of excision specialist and ask to be referred to them).

The best is to go to your GP with a print out of the NICE guidelines for endometriosis (google and download it), you might be taken more seriously.

Endo progresses every time you have a period so there is no time to waste, I’ve read too many stories of colostomy bags, bladder catheters, and useless hysterectomies to urge ALL women with unbearable cyclical pain to demand to be taken seriously!!!

Good luck 💪


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