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Worried about the pain...

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Hi I've been on this site for about a month now. I'm 25 with a fibroid tumour and possible endometriosis. During my monthly's pain is that bad I feel as though my heart might give out. I've got a laproscopy in 13 days to see if it is endo I have. Really scared about the pain afterwards and getting back to work. I work in a nursery so I know it won't be immediate. Any specific foods I should eat or things I should do after the laproscopy to help ease the pain? Not looking forward to it at all.

All suggestions or remedies welcome :-) x

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Hey there,

When I had my laparoscopy I just tried to get as much rest as possible and took painkillers for the first few days. I think I had a couple of weeks off too so watched plenty of movies/tv! I didn't eat particularly different but all I'd say is try to get plenty of rest x

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Thank you. Getting broadband for when I'm off so that's one thing sorted. Any pain is better than the one during my period, up at 4am in agony. Are the laproscopy scars big? x

My scats are so tiny. I have had 3 laparoscopys so I have quite a few scars but they are no bigger than a 5pence piece. And after I had my lap u was ip and about same day. If it is just an expiratory one you will hardly know you have had it xx

Hi I hope you get an answer soon. As for the lap. I have had three. The scars are tiny and I cant see any of them. You have three tiny ones. After - plenty of rest. I had two weeks off and I am a nurse tutor. Eat little and often as you might get alot of wind pain. I sipped tonic water and peppermint cordial which helped. Good luck x

Thank you cupcake40 apart from tonic water and peppermint cordial is there anything else to ease the wind pain? Heat pads or something? x

Hi not really - keeping mobile gently walking about hope it goes ok x

I was amazed by how the scars seemed to disappear so quickly! I have a heart monitor implant and the scar for that is awful (apparently that area never heals very well for anyone - no-one warned me!) but because the incisions are so small and in a good area for a laparoscopy, the scars are not noticeable at all :) Hope they give you the answers you need.. Please let me know how it goes :) x

Thank you both. I've got 12 days to go. I'm glad I found this site it's good to know people who have went through this and that it has helped them. Women seem to have the short straw in life. Keep smiling ladies and thanks for the advice. I'll let you know how it goes :-) x

Hi tootsweet89,

I totally agree with the other comments. Take it easy and listen to your body and don't rush things. I had an emergency lap so wasn't prepared. But if I have another one I will have fruits available to make "green smoothies".

Basic green smoothies

2 Bananas

1 Peach

5 Strawberries

Handful Spinach (increase greens gradually over time, and you’ll find you crave more of them!)

1 cup water.

Im really not into spinach but really like this. you can experimennt with differnt fruits and get recipies online.


The Lap is a piece of cake..you don't feel much pain and discomfort afterwards just the usual sluggishness after being put under and some pain from being filled with gas. If you take the painkillers they give you , you will be fine. I have multiple fibroids and endometriosis but have been taking Visanne for almost 3 months now and it has solved my problem. Good luck to you.

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