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Painful sex still

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Sorry to post on Christmas Eve but omg I’m in so much pain!

I’ve had endo removed 5 months ago and haven’t seen any improvements regarding period pain etc.

Now I’m still getting pain during and after sex and the cramping starts immediately afterwards. It hurts to move 🙄

I’ve been tested for STDs etc and everything is clear so what could it be?

Any help would be amazing 💕

Merry Christmas everyone

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It's endo. I've been through exactely what you mention for many years..

It's really important to have a very understanding partner so that during sex you can find positions that don't eventually lead to excruciating pain! With time you'll learn what suits you and what doesn't.

Try to see your gynae also about the pain.

Merry Christmas!

Hi, yeah I had before my lap as well but I guess its not changed anything.

I'm still in pain now and its been over 12 hours (sorry if tmi haha). I will definitely mention it too my gynae/surgeon in January when I see him again

The thing that helped me immensely was seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist. I went from having extreme pain with intercourse every time to having it be an every once in a while pain and mainly with deep penetration. I haven’t had excision yet so that’s saying something. I also use lubricant and take more charge of sex so I can find the positions that work best to reduce pain, and have something called la wand to do self-massage of pelvic floor muscles if I have one that won’t release. Hope this helps!

Could be worth looking into vaginismus/ vulvodynia or pelvic floor dysfunctions? Might find some answers there depending on the type/intensity/length of pain x

It’s more of a deep pain and stuff like that, it still hurts now 2 days later. It’s all swollen around my pubic bone and hard which is where it’s eeally sore now.

Maybe it’s cysts again but I have no idea xx

Can still be pelvic floor muscles as they can be tight right up to underneath your stomach, especially if you've been tensing them of holding in a lot of stress x

I feel for you Princess. While it isn't a cure, I have found having a very understanding and caring partner goes far in helping to work around this symptom. It isn't ideal, but more often than not intimacy ends up being things that do not include penetration for us. I agree that it is horrible not being able to just have traditional sex without worrying about pain during or after, but finding new alternatives can be be made to be fun too when there isn't any pressure. If you really feel you need to find a way to have penetration there are some positions, you might find help, that minimize penetration so it is shallow rather than deep but can still be stimulating and satisfying to him. For example, ones where your legs are closed, rather than open.

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princessk09 in reply to Missy100

Yeah it’s pretty much trial and error I guess, I’m still in pain now so I think there’s something more going on but I won’t know till I see my gynae on the 11th January.

It’s like a heavy achy feeling in my pubic bone as though someone has kicked me. It feels really hard to touch as well 🙄

Not that it should ever hurt, but under the circumstances discussed, it shouldn't still hurt or be hard to touch. You should consider calling for ad ice whether to go into hospital as it could potentially be much more serious. Always better to be safe...

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princessk09 in reply to Missy100

Yeah, ill probably give it a couple more days as I only the pain in my pubic bone, I have no idea what else it could be apart from maybe endo or an ovarian cyst maybe

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