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Had surgery 10 days ago - was booked for ablation and removal of endo. Clueless to the details of what I've had done?!

Hello out there, I'm recovering from my surgery ok I think! Still somewhat in the dark as to knowing what exactly I've had done???

As usual after the lap etc was done a doctor (part of the team) came to say everything went ok and that is all I can remember! I was fairly out of it on pain relief and anaesthetic still.

I was booked for day surgery but ended up staying overnight due to pain, so was discharged by another ward. I know I should have asked someone at that point but it was all a blur!!

I wasn't given any discharge letter so don't know if I had laser or excision?

My next outpatient appt is set for 3 months time, a long time to wait! How do I find out?

Thanks for listening

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Hi my advice would be to see your Gp. They will have been sent details of the procedure and you have every right to have a copy. Hope you get your answers good luck j x


They did the same with me give the gp a call they will know when the notes come back


Thanks very much will ring GP today.


Your GP will have the answers for you. Mine did for me, I had lap op given my diagnosis of endo in the recovery room after op, totally out of it but remembered the word 'endonetriosis'.

GP confirmed and told me how many adhesions were removed and from where. Good luck and don't punish yourself for not asking, you had an op and no doubt was unwell and upset afterwards. X


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