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Endo and the link to low progesterone, pre-menstrual spotting, taking B Complex Vitamin and all Endo symptoms have GONE!

Hi everyone,

I just really want to tell this story as I have inadvertently found something that has relieved all my symptoms, it seems too good to be true but I am not kidding. Not saying it will work for everyone but if you are having similar problems to me, or even if your not, it's worth a shot.

I have been off the pill for over a year now TTC with no success, and had a lap in Sept 2012 (my 5th). My periods since have been awful, spotting & severe cramps for 5 days with brown discharge before the actual bleeding even commenced, it got that bad I was going to give up my hopes of ever being a mother and just go back on the pill. Apparently Endo can cause this spotting - I read somewhere it's from endo implants in womb/tubes that break down & come out when corpus luteum breaks down (when egg isn't fertilised). Last month I had Day 21 tests done and it found that my progesterone was low (14.7 when I think it needs to be over 30), I have been referred to a fertility clinic, and also have a thing called a luteal phase defect meaning I start spotting too early for any potential embryo's to attach, but that is linked to the progesterone being low. I done some research online and found that some women have reduced the spotting by taking a b complex vitamin, here's the exact list of what I started taking:

Vitamin B Complex 100 (corrects low progesterone & enhances occurrence of ovulation)

Agnus Castus (stop taking at ovulation - for luteal phase defect & PMS)

Evening Primrose Oil (stop taking at ovulation - for PMS and better cervical mucus)

Starflower Oil (Stop taking at ovulation - for hormone regulation)

Pre-Conceive Vitamins by Pregnacare.

I started these on Day 7 of my cycle last month so have only been on them for 3 weeks, but what a difference. I'm not pregnant (Test negative) but we had a month off actively trying cos it was too stressful and I couldn't concentrate on anything during the 2 week wait. Here's a summary:

More cervical mucus around time of ovulation

On day 21 and day 22 I had beige tinted discharge, this is normal for me but generally on day 22 it changes to dark brown and this continues until AF arrives at Day 26 or 27. I'm on Day 25 now and have had normal discharge the last few days, no spotting, which is amazing!

No severe cramps - in fact I've hardly had any cramps at all, feel a few light ones but no need for pain killers.

No PMS and normally I'm extremely irritable for a full week to the point my husband may divorce me.

And that's my story, I just had to share. I can't believe something as simple as a vitamin has improved my life in 3 weeks. I am going to get more Day 21 tests next month so time will tell if it does increase the progesterone, and if I finally get pregnant :-)

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thats really interesting....

Thank you for sharing :)


I'm in a similar situation but not TTC. I've started taking well woman vitamins which have all the vits you listed and a lot more, my PMT is still nasty but my periods are a lot less floody and clotty and far more regular with less pain xx


No probs crystal_willow I think it's really interesting too!! Glad to hear missteal having good results too. So AF is coming today as I have cramps but they are not as bad as normal, and i feel better too, not as down, will take a few painkillers & go shopping :-) still can't get over the effect they have had xx


Sorry if I am being thick but I have just started to take the Pre-Conceive Vitamins by Pregnacare again and so I thought it is unhealthy to take more vitamins than the dose in those tablets already? It's just I found your story so interesting and it's so nice to hear a positive story and I would be willing to try anything to help. And why do you have to stop taking the others at ovulation and when would you start them again? xxx :)


Hi Karen, lol ur definitely not being thick, my GP said that it harmful to take some vitamins like vitamin A, but I spoke to them & have done a lot of research online and extra B vitamins won't do any harm, any excess is flushed out of your system (neon yellow pee). I'm taking a b complex 100mg but you could try 50mg to see if that makes a difference 1st. It's a big dose of all the vitamins, the only one you might need to be careful with is the vitamin B6 (no more than 200mg per day) but there is only 10mg of that in the pregnacare so I'm only taking 110mg altogether if that makes sense, and I take them at different times, one in morning & one at night to spread it out. The b complex is even safe to take during pregnancy, it can be very good for u. I have felt fantastic this month, more energy, my moods been much better and I had been really down over the whole not getting pregnant thing. I got my period yesterday & the cramps got worse as the day went on, it was really sore but a vast improvement on the 6 days of pain before!!

If you didn't have any problems you probably wouldn't need the extra vitamins and the pregnacare ones would be enough, but this link of low progesterone to endo has really fascinated me and I wonder if it would help people who aren't TTC also. There are a lot of success stories online of women who have conceived within a matter of months after taking the b complex.

The Agnus Castus, Evening Primrose Oil & Starflower have to be stopped at ovulation as they can be damaging to a foetus, so take them from the day I get my period until I think I've ovulated.

Have you been TTC for long yourself? I'm goin to the fertility clinic for the 1st time on Thursday so can let you know what the experts say about it all... xxx

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I just wanted to add an update, I had my progesterone levels checked and they came back at 83.3 on day 21, a massive jump from 14.7 !!!! So the vitamins have significantly my progesterone levels too :-)


Hi all, I'm 28 and in the exact same position as you, I've had problems with AF since over a year ago (always suffered with bad pain so I take mefenamic acid prescribed from the doc to help) I didn't have a period for 9 months in total, and when I did it was black! I went to the doctor to find I was anaemic, and they had suggested I take it easy on the exercise (apparently i was over doing it) which had caused me to miss 9 months of my cycle. Since then they haven't been right, I've been in and out of the doctors, and every time it's because I need to eat better or slow down on the exercise (which I did) I have been TTC since over a year and been tracking ovulation (using an iphone app) I started taking pregnacare conception tablets for about 3 months and still nothing! I've recently noticed a severe cramping pain after intercourse just days before AF, it lasts about 10 mins and its so bad I feel as though I need to be sick or cry through the pain! So I made my way back to the doctors to demand tests! I had a blood test on day 21 and it showed I had low progesterone, so I've now been referred to the fertility clinic. I can't help but think the worst but seeing this post has given me some hope, although 6 months ago, I am interested to see how you're getting on? I think I will try taking the above vitamins as you suggest whilst I'm waiting for my appointment at the hospital. Xx thank you

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oh wow can I ask for some advise please I suffer horrendous period pains im ill for about 12 days the pain is off the scale and feeling faint the whole time ive had this since my 1st period and want to try a safe way with no side effects to try and alleviate the pain and symptoms I have ibs so have to have something stomach friendly also I suffer gad which I have all day and daily panic attacks please please can anyone advise if vitamin b complex will maybe help me with pain I have to try and find something I cant take this suffering much more im now 43 and housebound scared and desperate thankyou x


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