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Hi all,

Just wondering if this is normal?

Had the lap and cystoscopy last Wednesday along with biopsies and smear. I'm still in pain now, bending, sneezing etc all still hurt. Bruising a still coming out, and wound is slow to heal. I feel like someone has beaten me up!!

It also still hurts to pee.

Just wondering if anyone else had experienced pain for this long as I was led to believe I'd be back to normal within the week!!

Luckily my boss has been understanding and am off until Monday!!

Any advice appreciated!!


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it took me about 5-6 weeks to feel completely back to normal, just keep resting as much as you can now, i didnt i tried to do all normal things after a week (as they say you should be normal after a week) but it prolonged my recovery, we're all different and recover at different rates. i don't care if some women are back to work within in days, good on them, but i was very poorly, and had a UTI for the 6 wks after which didnt help (so maybe get checked for that), so like i say rest as much as poss until you really need to go back to work xx


Thanks that has reassured me! I look after 18m twins so need to be right before I can go back!!

I keep doing odd jobs but am wary to push it as you say ill take longer to heal!! Frustrating, but guess it depends on what you've had done and the surgeons handy work!!

Blessing I've only had 3 days off in totall because of the bank hol and the fact I can only manage 3 10hour days with my health as it is!!

Thanks again xx


i did 4.5 hours last monday and i spent the next 24 hrs laid up, and that at 6 wks post lap, just potter around as they call it. one week after i was out walking my dogs 3 miles, was in agony the whole time but thought it was fine as they say resume normal activities within 1-2 weeks, and i tried but i just couldn't do it, and then felt guilty that i couldnt, but i know that trying it all prolonged my recovery. i'm still not right but i suppose thats because none of my endo was removed, so i'm kind of back to where i was pre lap, i cant stand or sit for long periods of time but i was like that before, but now i'm listening to my body lol - and if you have to go and look after 2 toddlers you may not be ready by next week really, unless you absolute rest now, but don't go back if you have any pain still xx


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