Losing pink fleshy bits!

I thought I started my period last night, but it's just a bit of spotting and some pink fleshy things! I had some brown spotting this morning but no bleeding or nothing since. I'm keeping a pad on just in case.

I'm not pregnant (no change in hell of that), and the last time I lost anything like this was when I had my lap in December. Any advice on what this could be?

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  • Are you taking progesterone only pills? It may be decidual cast possibly? X

  • No pills, just painkillers. I had my coil out in February after 8 weeks as it was causing issues. So I'm completely at loss as to what it is!! 

  • I've had this but it was during my period, it could be an indication your body is preparing for the Starr of your cycle 12-24-36 hours away. I've had lots of different introductions over the years! 

    My knowledge is limited I can tell you its fine and its normal lots of girls with endo have had this at some point. It isn't FINE its bloody awful but I hope you don't fret over it I had zero adverse effects when it happened to me. 

    These chunks are essentially Endometriosis the best way I can describe it is like your period it just comes away from the wall and exits the body. I'm sure they have a name although it eludes me at this moment in time xx

  • Your coil removal may have knocked it lose or held it in place etc I've never had a coil but I'd imagine they would become somewhat part of you while its in there xx

  • The coil has been out since February! Can it still be causing me issues?! Never again will I have one those could again! Thank you!

  • It scared me so much! it never happened to me other than after the lap! Sorry for the TMI, but Er just wiped below and there was orangey blood so I've stuck another pad on and see what happens! I feel nauseous now, which is my normal sign that I'm coming on. Thank you hun

  • Yep orange is normal too, I'm saying its your period anyone wanna take the bet lol the coil is an evil device anything that gets screwed into my body will always be a no-no 

    If at any point you start to feel anxious or something strange--r happens don't hesitate on going to the hospital better safe than sorry but I do suggest you put on PJs, get some munchies, your pillows and quilt and climb on to the sofa and watch the soaps ;) best way to see in the start of your cycle xx

  • Beginning to feel like I never leave this sofa lately! I've got my referral for the local BSGE clinic in June, but if anything else happens I'll go straight to hospital. The coil was the evil, I was so happy they took it out but unfortunately didn't take the pain away :-/

  • As I said, I've not had a coil, but you have to appreciate the fact that it was in there for however long, even one day is enough for it to make itself at home. Once it's removed your insides fill in pop out expand into the area, effectively returning to normal and this can be a long process and it's bound to be tender meaning pain. Not leaving the sofa is not a bad thing, you have to listen to your body, if you need to rest, rest, if your hungry eat, etc etc you HAVE to work with your body and not against it, it's the only way we make it through the other side. As I was saying about the coil, it's possible that as a foreign object it may have been a hot spot for a lesion or because it's already raw the old blood trapped inside you has irritated the site again meaning pain. If the coil was in for a long time I think it's safe to assume your tissue grew around it and making it part of you again having it removed may have irritated a whole host of little things that accumulate to make one big pain.

    When you go in June tell them everything, write it all down so it's there and you know EXACTLY how you felt, it's usually the way that I'll get an appt and right before I go everything disappears  and I'm pain-free then I struggle to get an accurate description xx

  • I have been keeping a pain/period diary, so I'm hoping they will have a butchers at that. I had the lap and coil on 11th Dec 2015 and then got it taken out on 3rd February this year. You could be right about the coil though still causing issues after it has been taken out. I don't think they took all the endo in the first lap as well, so it's a mixture of things. Been to the loo again nothing on the pad. Not sure what's happening but I'm feeling a bit like a bottle of ketchup! 

  • Can I ask what your problems were with the coil? I'm due to have one so I'm interested to hear about other ladies' experiences of it x

  • Janine33 - I wouldn't recommend the coil. I already had prolonged periods, so bleeding for 8 weeks straight was a shocker. The pain was awful (and getting worser since the removal). To be honest, for me it made things worse, but for someone else it may work. I was only diagnosed with endo in December, and I was told the coil would help me. Obviously it didn't, all I can say is don't be pushed into and it doesn't cure all 

  • All I can say is my plan, go as natural as possible, no foreign objects inside the body, no hormone-messing pills, just your very irregular I grant it but eau naturale and as god intended. As irregular as I am I've noticed a pattern, I go 29 days, 27,23,19,14 then back to 29 days and it starts again, the pattern repeats and up to now its been spot on...you won't know your natural flow until you give your body a chance to show you. Increasing your chance of infection by using tampons and having things placed inside your body (medically wise) I just don't see the point unless its absolutely a must. Getting to know your body and embrasing the ups and downs will gie you the biggest insight in to your own disease. I keep it natural as much as I can, I only take tablets when my pain is 6+ in my own mental pain chart, you know when enough is enough and I only take them for a few days at a time, that way they stay effective for longer xx

  • Probably the

    Most sensible thing I've heard for a while! I can't use tampax anymore, miles to painful. I've been charting my periods, seems to be around around 20-21 days (give or take).

    The doctors seem to bombard you with pain meds or hormones! I think I've figured out I'm no good with the hormones(coils, pills, injections etc) and as for pain meds, my stomach doesn't tolerate them well.

    Thanks for your help hun :))

  • I've shed similar over the years. Usually comes with excruciating pain. Put it down to lining/cyst lining. Diagnosed with endo in 2009 and it's happened a few times. Gp never seemed that concerned. Xxx

  • I've had all sorts coming out at different times of the cycle: sometimes falling out into the toilet while having a pee - size of a 10p coin!

    GP didn't seem to be bothered.

    As for colours - from grey to dark brown via all shades of yellow and orange. Got me worried at some point but GP ordered few tests and came back ok

  • It is worrying! I'm still learning what is normal for Endo and what isn't. I have the ketchup thing going on, where I spot all day and bleed of a night with worsen pain. The pink things which I lost was a new one as the last time I saw something like that was when I had my lap! Thanks hun x

  • Currently having brown sauce time for me, lol!

  • I think I'm going to be on next week :( brown sauce and ketchup time!!!!!

    I hope you are ok?

  • Hit and miss but more hits TBH. Had ovarian pain for a week, nothing paracetamol and ibuprofen couldn't take care of. And two nights ago it really hit me: pretty much sleepless night and a heavy flow :(

  • Aww hun, I hope you feel better soon. Getting a lot of right sided pain right now. As well as flipping crying at anything. Co-codamol it is!

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