Low body temperature and constant colds

I've always felt the cold a lot more than my friends, but lately noticing it more. Testing my temperature more often it seems my 'normal' (average) body temperature is 36 degrees, so slightly lower than it should be. My resistance to colds is zero and I often feel shivery. Yesterday my temperature went up to 36.8 and I actually felt really really shivery (the only reason I tested) but this morning I was feeling a little better and its back down to 36.1.

Does anyone else find this? My BMI is quite low, but not dangerously, I think I'm on the lower end of the 'normal weight' scale. I'm not sure if that's anything to do with it or not.

Any advice? X

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  • hey not sure if this helps but i really cant control my temp at the mo from cold to hot in seconds....it gets to where i feel red hot but have goose bumps its weird...according to my doc its hormones making the temp crazy...maybe worth a chat to your gp...xxxxx

  • Thanks Missee. I'm going to try to get an appointment later today. I know what you mean, I've been struggling with that too - both yesterday and today. My body feels warm and my face is flushed but I can't stop shivering! Take care xx

  • glad to hear your going docs.. do you wake up in the night literally soaking???.thats one of the down things for sweats is wen it affects my sleep....xxx

  • Before my merina coils, when my endo was in full throttle I was always cold, and got colds and infections with a drop of a hat. You may be in need of iron, your Dr should get your bloods tested. Good luck x

  • Thanks ladies, I went to the docs last night, he listened to my chest. Thinks I've had a bad virus and the bacteria has moved onto my chest, so now on a course of antibiotics. If that doesn't clear up by Middle of next week I'm back for tests. XX

  • mmmm.... glad you went to the docs as had a virus and i think i had too... as i was hot (like bad hot flush in the mornings) and then go really cold and shivering and sometimes in the night i was sweating.... and i was thinking if i had a virus but never went to the docs... but i am hoping it doesnt go onto my chest... i havent got time to the docs at all... as i thought it was the medication i am on making like this... i constantly cold... at the moment i hate the cold.. so glad that you are on antibiotics... xx

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