Constant mild cramping?

Hi all

I had my lap in December and since then I've had constant mild cramping, sometimes it's on the left lower abdo (ovary), sometimes it's on the right lower abdo (ovary) and sometimes it's in the centre lower abdo (uterus). It's there all the time, sometimes much worse than others. It definitely gets worse with activity. Also along with this I'm getting daily bloating... So bad that I have to wear maternity trousers. My regular ones just get more and more uncomfortable the more I bloat. Could this be surgery recovery still?? Or did the worst happen and the endo return already? I'm getting the mirena coil put in on Tomorrow... I hope that this helps with the pain..  Anyone got any thoughts/opinions?

Thank you xx

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  • Have you had the 3 month follow up to know what was found and done at the lap. Prior to it there was mention of endo on the uterosacral ligaments?

  • Hi Lindle

    I've had my follow up, they said they found a 'small amount' on the 'left side' which was odd because I had right sided pulling and pain... No mention of it being on the uterosacral ligament/s... So confused!

  • If that is all you have in terms of info I should get a copy of the operative report that was sent to your GP. 

  • I'm sure I have that and that is all it says... I'll have a look when I get home. I've just been to the GP actually and she has given me amitriptyline for the constant pain... Any thoughts?

  • They would have to say at least where is was found on the left or it is of no use to anyone now or in the future. Is the MRI report on your GP record saying the US ligament was thickened? If none of this is on your record then they are failing in their duties that require medical records to be 'complete.' I think I would go to your GP and ask for the record to be put on the computer screen and go through everything together that has been received and recorded relating to your treatment at the centre. And if that is really all it says ask them what needs to be done to have your records brought up to date. Say you must at least know where on the left it was found, how it was treated and a have a report of the examination of the US ligaments that were shown up as thickened on the MRI.

    Amitriptyline is an antidepressant that is used in low doses for neuropathic pain - that is nerve pain that persists when the cause has been removed. It is still early days and it may take some months yet for things to resolve but you still have a right to know what was found and done. You could also have adhesions from the surgery so could do some gentle stretching exercises to try and stop them becoming a problem. 

  • Hi Lindle, I read your response to this post and just curious, is 3.5 months after a major excision surgery considered as early days? I had my op with a surgeon who took out 24 pieces in June 10 and I can still feel pain/swelling inside, should I have hopes that there might be still healing going on? I am asking because a lot of places I read say that by 3 month all the healing should be over.... Thank you so much!!!

  • It really is such a personal thing for the individual woman and depends on the extent, stage and type of endo involved. If, for example, excision of nodules from the uterosacral ligaments is involved there can have been irritation or damage to the nerves that run along the ligaments by the infiltration and/or the surgery to excise them. This can apply to any other area where nerves were involved. Such nerve damage can take many months to subside. So it's not just about healing from the surgery itself. Also bear in mind that healing produces scar tissue that can then go on to cause new pain and doing gentle stretching exercises can help to minimise these effects - you can find exercises for abdominal adhesions on line. But break yourself in gently and listen to your body - don't push yourself through pain when doing such exercises. Yoga can be good for this. If a woman has had years of chronic pelvic pain it may be that some of this remains after surgery as such pain can be caused by muscle tightness/spasms and treatment by a pelvic pain therapist can be really useful to 'down train' the muscles. I have a new facebook group now and recently put a video on that you might find useful that talks about these types of pains. I don't know if you joined but the link is below:

  • Thanks for the info. I just joined the facebook group but couldn't locate the video that you were talking about?

  • There are some tabs at the top such as files and videos. Click on videos and it should come up. It is quite long but really interesting. x

  • sorry still couldn't locate it, do you mind sending me the link?

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