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I had a follow up with my consultant last Tuesday who said that we were to try the Zoladex injections (Previously had two laps and a course of Prostap for 6 months, along with various painkillers and varying hormone treatments). I went to my GP's to have my first Zoladex injection today, only to be told that the nurse I was booked In with is now on long term sick leave and that there is no one else that can do the injection at the surgery.

I live in East Sussex and am a patient at Guildford, therefore cannot afford to make the 170 mile round trip every 4 weeks to have it done at the RSCH and my consultant's secretary is away for the rest of the week, so I've been unable to speak to her to see if they have any suggestions.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can go to have the injection done? I have it with me, so don't need to mess about having to get hold of one - the hospital prescribed it, however, were not able to administer it as I had a 2 hour wait for the prescription at the hospital pharmacy and the gynae clinic had finished when I had been prescribed it.

I have had to administer the Prostap injection myself previously, due to there not being a nurse at my surgery, but really really do not want to have to do that again!

Please, please can someone help with this one as have no idea what else to try!!


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Call the gynae 'ward' of your local hospital right away, you should have one nearer than the Royal Sussex, they will ask you come in with the zoladex and administer it for you.

The clinic is probably only open working hours but a gynae ward is 24/7 for gynae emergencies- usually with miscarriages etc.

Doesn't take more than a few seconds and they should know how vital it is to have it on time. You do not need A&E or local clinic etc, you just need someone experienced in administering this type of implant.

Or call the oncology (cancer unit ) as they too will have staff already trained to administer it. Don't hang about though, you have only got a 48hour window or something like that to have the next implant put in.

Excellent, thank you so much for your help, I'll give them a call right away!


If they can't help call your GPs surgery - there will be a recorded message to give you a number to call in emergencies. This will direct you to an on-call GP service (which are often based in local community hospitals). They can either arrange for a GP to visit you or (more likely) ask you to go in.

Good luck x

Hi, My Dr had never done a zoladex injection before, she had a McMillan nurse come in to show her the ropes, maybe they would help if you're still stuck. x

Gobby2512- how did you get on? Any Luck?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your advice.

After several phone calls to the royal Surrey, I was told theres nothing they could do today(yesterday) and I'd have to call back Monday. Most likely to have to go back up there and have it done!

My local hospital in Eastbourne who previously treated me before I was transferred to Guildford won't do the injection (they said they are unable to as they have not prescribed the treatment and I need to speak to the people treating me!)

It's my first one (after prostap previously, last year) so I'm gonna have to wait until Monday to speak with my hospital and see what they can suggest. My dad is a pharmacist, with close links to another drs surgery and he asked if their practice nurse could so the injection and they have refused as I'm not a patient and don't have access to my notes even though I have a full copy!!

So frustrated!

Thanks for everyone's advise though, lets see what happens on Monday- not looking forward to a drive all the way to Guildford though!


If it's you're first one, sorry i didn't notice that on the first post (brain fog) it can wait, not nearly so urgent. Panic over. Doesn't matter when you start but once you do, 28days then you have the next one, so make appointment at that first one for the follow up one. Don't leave it thinking you'll remember to book it 2 weeks before or anything because sods law you won't get an appointment time to suit.

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