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Worried if Zoladex or Prostap is the right thing to do

Hi I have been diagnosed with endometrosis and I have been told to try Zoladex or Prostap to go in the menopause state however I can only do this for 9 months. This worries me as I am only 21 and have really bad depression alread and am worried that if I get any worse it will be suicide. Does anyone else have thoughts on this? My pain is so bad everyday so I can't work so am just at home. And the specialist says I will need an operation sometime but the operation is complex at the age I am.

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Are you under a specialist at a bsge centre? 


I'm under a specialist with Nuffield private hospital


Hi Emma just because it's private doesn't mean he's a specialist. Zoladex/prostap shouldn't be given to anyone under the age of 23, this is nhs guidelines so you are right to be worried. These drugs can cause bone density loss. Have a look on the BSGE website and see if there is a specialist centre near you. How were you diagnosed? And do you you know where the endo is located? Please do not go back to the consultant you've seen as he is doing the wrong thing by you and against nhs rules. Search for Lindle on here and she will be able to help you get the treatment you deserve. If you want to talk I'm here.


Hi I have just looked and the centre I went to was a BGCE centre just thought I had best check. Thank you I am finding it very hard trying to cope without being able to do anything. I was diagnosed by having a laparoscopy which is very wide spread. I don't know what to do as it's a BGCE centre and they have now recommended the wrong thing.


Hi Emma please look up Lindle on here . She has far more experience and knowledge than I do, and I know she will be best to advise you. I don't want you to end up having a treatment that could cause irreversible damage, but I also don't want you to keep suffering so please, please ask Lindle what she she would recommend.


Hi. Like you I suffer with the pain and depression. I was given Zoladex for just over 12 months and after the initial adjustment, it was the best 12 months for a very, very long time. As I am a little older than you, I then had an op. Big mistake for me. FYI, Zoladex can be given off licence for longer than 12 months. Good luck sweetheart. Thinking of you and I hope the injections help.

Wishing you the best of everything, always 




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