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How long does zoladex take to kick in?

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I had surgery and found out I have stage 4 endometriosis and have been referred to a specialist. While waiting, I discovered I have a blood clot on my lung and started taking blood thinners. Due to the excessive bleeding this caused and being hospitalised my gynaecologist suggested going on zoladex which would help with bleeding and my condition regarding pain. I've had one injection and my bleeding didn't stop but became worse which I was advised could happen. I have my second injection next week. Just wondered when it will kick in and what people experiences with it are? I'd appreciate any help 🙂 X

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Hi, the only thing I noticed was emotions were more balanced, no real side effects and did nothing for the pain. It may have had a small effect on the insides as gynae said endo didn’t look as bad as it was during op. Although it didn’t show rectovaginal endo.Hope you get some relief from it

Thankyou, me too and thankyou for replying 🙂 x

It worked in about a month for me and did help with the bleeding and pain. x

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Thankyou 🙂 x

Hi, I was given monthly injections and after the 2nd injection I stopped getting periods. It helped a lot with my symptoms. It was only temporary as I was going to have surgery but if I was on it for a longer time I think I would have taken HRT as I had a few symptoms - hot flushes, trouble sleeping and anxiety. Good luck x

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That's great thankyou. The doctors have mentioned hrt for the future. Hopefully, it will kick in after my 2nd injection and help me soon. Thankyou again x

Hi. I had my second injection two weeks ago. I've had lots of hot flushes and some mood changes, and I bled for ten days after the first injection. Havent bled since so feel like its settled down! I feel a bit the same as you, keep wondering if worse side effects will come. I've got a prescription for HRT just in case as I have had headaches most days too, but manageable

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Thankyou for your reply. That is helpful to know. I have my 2nd injection this Wednesday so I'm hoping this will help me with everything and at least I will know what to expect. Hopefully it will help. Thankyou x

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