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Newbie!! Please help with advice!

Hi there,

I have not been diagnosed with endometriosis as such but I have been having abdo pain for some time which at first lasted one evening but as the months have gone on the pain is now lasting about a week and is more painful.

I have had a vaginal scan which have ruled out cysts on my ovaries.

My gp then put me on my pill without a break (so I didn't have a period) and for the first couple of months I was pain free. But this week the pain is back again and it is also very painful on my right side when I do a wee. It seems that my pain does mainly come from the right side and yet it kind of radiates across my whole abdomen.

Just wondered if anyone has experienced similar and can give me any advice. I have had 4 children with no problems conceiving.

My GP has now referred me to a gynaecologist.

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I have 2 children so I don't think that matters I only developed servere symptoms from 2011 and I'm 37 but you will know because without treatment it will only get worse!

I know when I'm ovulating from my left because the pain is unbearable however it's ok on my right!

I have also learnt that you can ovulate from the same ovary several times as there is no set pattern as to which ovary releases an egg!

What are your symptoms and when in your cycle? X


I first ever had symptoms when I was expecting my first child in 2005 (im now 33) and from then up until last May the pain which is like a cramping pain, the pain comes and gos (almost like contractions) would literally come in the evening and by the morning it had gone, and i would only get it two or three times a year

However, I realised this year when the pain was lasting for a week Id write on my calendar when it comes and saw that it came about a week before me period was due to start. The pain is usually all over my abdo but when I went to the dr about it and he palpated it was very tender on my right side and since then ive noticed that the pain does seem to come from there even though I feel uncomfortable all over my tummy (if that makes sense).

Did your symptoms start after you had your 2 children?


OH and I forgot to say I get a lot of lower back ache which I have had for some years and pelvic pain which I thought was from having children. Also it is sometimes painful when having sex!!


Yazza I also noticed you have posted about endo on your ureter! What are your symptoms as this week I have had a lot of pain (agony) on weeing again on the right side. Been to drs today and done an msu and also shes given me antibiotics. But I can feel the wee burning as it comes down the ureters its awful!!


Yes it was after my children I think it's because from a young age I was on the pill I only stopped before my pregnancies and took it in between it's only since I've had no hormone that it's reared it's ugly head!

However after my last lap I tried cerezette but it turned me into a nutcase either really angry or balling my eyes out!

I have constant back pain that then goes to the pelvic area before and during my period and also on ovulation my bowels stop functioning and the pain goes from a 4/5 to 8/9!

I have actually tried a chiropractor this week to see if it improves but no that was just wishful thinking!


well I have had alot of treatment from an osteopath but to no avail!!

I was on the pill too before I had my children and in between and also after (currently).


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