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Early Morning Snacks/Wake Up/Blood Drawing & Other Information 9-15-2021

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Hi everyone. This is an update dealing with waking up early, blood sugars, eating morning snacks and other information, in general.

First of all, I had gotten a few alarms going off since yesterday night before heading to bed. One of the alarms was because there were no readings coming off of the receiver around 10:35 pm-11:05 pm. The other alarms were because I was dropping and had to be woken up early this morning for the first snack of the day. The under 80 mg/dl alarm went off around 4:13 am today and I was 77 and again 98 mg/dl. This resulted in having a snack before trying to get back to sleep.

I had a blood drawing today after breakfast. While I was there, I learned an interesting thing. For those who have pre-existing chronic issues, if you tell the front desk workers that you have any, then they would take you before the rest of the patients who were in the waiting area of the office. I hadn’t been told this, so I had to wait to be seen, anyway. This is good to know for the next time I may have to go for another visit/blood drawing in the future. The other thing while sitting to be seen, the numbers seemed to be around 266-> then went down slightly before leaving the exam room.

When I had gotten home for the rest of my day, I had done another blood test and snack. At that time, my number was 175 mg/dl and 204 angling down. After the snack, the numbers stayed stable and sideways until lunch.

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Wow!!! Regret all these issue's, hang in there leah !!!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Herman7275

Thank you for saying that. The alarms were accurate this morning (4:13 am), so I’m okay with the wake up.😀👍

Hi Leah, I guess that when your device is working properly it's such a useful tool for you. What a pity that they don't seem to have it quite right yet, so that it gives you so much trouble. One day when they have it all ironed out, it should make your life easier instead of harder, and will help keep your diabetes under greater control!

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