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2nd Day in a Row Early Wake Up: DEXCOM

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Well, I was up twice already this week earlier than I had planned because my receiver alarmed with low blood sugars being shown on the trend graph. Both mornings, I had to have juice and a chocolate shake that was plant based and lots of protein in it. After the snack both mornings, I went back to bed for a little longer and then went to have breakfast. Both days had the numbers under 80-> on the graph. This morning's testing was 105 mg/dl when the graph was at 80->.

At 10 am today, I had to have another snack because the numbers had been still dropping even though I had breakfast at 7-7:30 am. Usually, I have between 0-3 units of insulin at breakfast and that usually helps with the amount of carbs. I have each morning. Today, it's completely unclear why I keep going lower when nothing has changed for either day. I ate the same amount of carbs. for each day at breakfast, but dropped the dosage of insulin. Will see what happens the rest of today.

The sensor is working great except for a few hiccups here and there. The new sensor needs to be inserted on Friday this week, so I may also change the transmitter then at the same time and not wait for the 22nd since I don't want to stop a new sensor that will be started a few days sooner. When a new transmitter is needed, you have to pair it to the phone and receiver so everything can talk to each other. Hopefully, they both can work until then.

5 Replies
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Oh my goodness Leah, putting all this together must make your life very difficult at times. I am very happy for you, you knowing how to handle all of these problems, at times though I am sure that you must be a little confused.

It is a full time job just watching all these flashing numbers and knowing how to read them and knowing what to eat or drink.

Very best wishes, take care of yourself.


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Activity2004Administrator in reply to footgo

HI Tim,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thank you for the reply/comment.

Yes, sometimes it's a little hard to handle, but at other times, I'm fairly okay and can go as normal during the day. In some ways, it's a toss up to see what will happen each morning. Since I don't know/feel the lows, I have to have a snack now and then depending on what time it is and what my numbers turn out being when the alarm goes off out of nowhere. I always test before deciding if I should have anything. :-)

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Have you been exercising more and this could have had an impact on your blood sugars?

It's very confusing!

TT x.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

No. It's not the exercise that I had done, but it's a good idea. It's more hormonal,

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ThyroidThora in reply to Activity2004

Oh! Maybe you need to take it a little easier. I'me signing off now because I need my shut eye. Night, night and God bless x,

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