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This Week’s Update: DEXCOM

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Here’s the update on how things went with the sensor from last week. Some hiccups, but still didn’t fail!😀👍 I was really surprised.

Yesterday early morning, I was woken up by the alarm going off because I was under 80 mg/dl. I had a mini snack and then had breakfast at the normal time. Very interesting! I didn’t even know I was going low since I don’t feel them.

Today at breakfast, I had juice and my regular breakfast food. My blood sugars were 96 and 98-> before eating and drinking anything.

I changed the sensor this morning before going to my job. Did the calibrations around 10:25 am. The numbers have been really good so far today. No complaints!😀👍

12 Replies
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Hurrah!! The machine worked for you for a week and did it’s job. That is fantastic 👍.


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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThreeSmiles

Thank you!😀👍 I’m happy when things work the way they should for everyone.😀👍

Hi Leah well at least it's been working OK, it's a shame you have to get woken up early because your levels have dropped.

So good luck 👍 😀

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Thank you for the reply, Jerry. Yes, getting woken up early is hard, but it does its job when it works correctly.😀👍

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Really really good luck this week

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to HOBIEONE

Thank you! I will let you know how it goes. So far, so good!😀👍

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So excited for you it operated as they should. We get some winners. Sad to report mine failed after only being in 2 days and had to insert a new one, so far so good on this one.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

Did you have another extra in case the new one fails? Sorry that there's so much trouble lately. :-(

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cherv in reply to Activity2004

I keep the IT dept busy when one fails I'm right on the phone. They have SHARE with us so they can tell if your giving them the truth or not. Do have a buddy there have not spoken for a while you know it's randum who you will get. I asked plenty of questions and he answered. Jut by the question they ask The when and how's. It ws early morning 3am guess his boss was not running around checking so we chatted away. They are always pretty good if you want to gab good or bad. And sometimes I get nasty - last time I did could not understand his English and he seem to be telling me it should not fail day 2. Told him it ws the fact and look it up on his Share data we'll go over the figures we'll together. Even left it on to see it it would come back on then he told me I should have turned my system off. I've always been told to wait the 30 min's or 3 hours. That was a first.

i think we should have an education class on the DEXCOM maybe it could be more acessed if they had more knowledge. It does has it's faults but I would not live my life without it. I can read it and know if I mneed to snack before getting dinner ready or have how much insulin is needed. How fast I'm dropping. The company is working on improving the system but with all science things take time.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

That’s right. Some are lucky with the system.

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Glad this is working for you. I dont really understand this but no doubt will in time :)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to O2Trees

What I use is a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) system. You insert a new sensor under the skin once every week— unless it fails before the 7 day period is up. It’s got a receiver that shows the numbers and a transmitter. This is used on the stomach. The receiver can be on a belt buckle or in a pocket. I’ve had mine for 4.5 years now.😀👍

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