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Early Morning Alarm Wake Up: DEXCOM

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This morning (5:30), the alarm went off and I had a snack before going back to sleep. The alarm went off since it said 80-> and 83 mg/dl when I did a test. It’s hard to believe that going to bed last night with a blood sugar of upper 300s and then dropping that much overnight.... I guess, even with a little extra food and exercise/dancing, it may be possible. Maybe, also the waking and sleeping theory.

More this coming Wednesday!😀👍

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Hi Leah, I'm sorry that you were woken at 5-30am I guess you know exactly whay to eat to regulate your blood sugar levels, at least you went back to sleep so at least the DEXCOM is doing it's job. 😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

That’s right! If it hadn’t woken me, I would have been really low (not able to feel the lows).


I'm sorry you're having a problem with your blood sugars and, it's good to know that your DEXCOM is working.

What is the waking and sleeping theory? I've never heard of this but I'm wondering if I suffer from it because I often wake in the night and cannot sleep for ages and then I fall asleep and then wake up having a hypo. If you have any scientific information on this it might help me. I've to see my diabetes nurse and she doesn't believe that I have hypos because my Hba1c blood test isn't low.

Thank you.

TT x.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

I will let you know soon. I will send you a message.😀👍

Thank you x.

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Check your private messages, please.😀👍

I experience this so often being insulin sensetive. Can start out way high high and fall below 80 in a few hours my normal waking hour is 3AM. This past weekend travel to TX for my daughters baby shower was a fat turn around went down with my husband Friday. Felt very ill upon getting to Dallas and had dinner plans with with them took a nap prayed my sugars would level so I could go-they did. Sat. was the shower felt much better after a good sleep. Celbrated watched what I ate and enjoy and took photo's. It's so difficult having these spells but am blessed my husband went with me to watch my health. At times it confusses him as much as me. We then had dinner plans with the kids, so many options on the menu I love in TX but must stay clear of do to high carb's. I want a seafood gumbo but new the rice would send me to the moon! Take care sweetie hoping we get better nights sleep. I keep glucose tabs next next to my bed when my alarm goes off and OJ.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

How are you feeling tonight?

Did you have to use a new sensor when you were in Texas?

I had a better sleep last night and feel less tired today.

I woke at 1AM last night resulting in napping off and on through the day. I changed my senor after 8 days in TX so this one is only 2 days ol. I wondering if it might also be running on a new i-phone top of line. Ken said far better than he has for himself. He just bought it for me along with Apple watch. The i-phone will adjust numbers that are off and recalulate very quickly on my meter. Last one I would have to recalubrate 3 hours kater this one just accepts the number and gives a medium. Usually close to the low. Bottom line just calerbrating many times a day and hoping will not have to to replace sensor. My numbers are a roller coaster and I normally only have the insilin sensentive iisues, dropping from the mid 200's to below 80 to urgennt in about 1 hour. Very scary. Hoping by tomorrow to be more stable.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

Some days, I have to do more calibrations— even when I know too many can cause the system to get confused.

Yes the 6 is not prefect hoping to try the new unit in the coming months no poking my fingers. Unit in my arm inserted by the doctor every 3 months no sutures just a small bandaide to cover for a few days. My arms are pretty thin hope the unit will work he does not realize how thin I really am, under my clothes. Excited to give it a try my stomach has no territory left. The new senor is working now that I'm home and relaxing plus eating on my schedule. I know how to to eat out and stay within limits but there are certain thing in the South I love like Cajan seafood with Seafood.and rice. Rice did spike me some. Tired to eat around the rice and eat the seafood asked for extra we would pay for the addtional. The shower was easy just went around the serving table and select healthy foods and a few carb's. Took the kids out to dinner and ate mostly Keto did take some shower cake to the hotel in case I had problems which I did dropped low in the middle of the night, Ken had gotten OJ so was able to get it up pretty fast. We had such an early flight got up and returned the car then went to to the United Club for breakfast. Enjoyed relaxing and eating before the flight. They do not even serve food on first class any more cookies and muffins, fruit had a banana was a 31/2 hour flight. Service was the same as coach. Glad to here I'm not the only one doing all those calibrations. Nice to be part of a team! Thanks for the support, hugs.

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