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Interesting Sensor & Early Morning: DEXCOM

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Good evening everyone. Today, I was up at 5:30 am because of the alarm on the receiver went off saying that I was under 80 mg/dl. After I woke up and did my snack with test, I went back to sleep for an hour and then had breakfast.

Later in the day on and off, the results kept going away. They almost didn’t come back this evening. They went away before dinner tonight. When it came back around 7:30 pm, my numbers were going under 80 mg/dl on the receiver, but I was actually 113 mg/dl. I had another snack and test. I had to recalibrate the receiver. It alarmed at 80 and then almost alarmed, again because it was going towards the 55 Fixed Low alarm. Got the numbers under control. It’s very odd because I had the same meal recently for dinner and it didn’t drop the numbers last time. Any ideas?

More to come later. Stay safe, healthy and happy!😀👍🌈

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Your equipment seems erratic.

Why not you contact the manufacturer for advice

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to namaha

I have to do that only when 3 hours of no numbers being on the receiver/phone. Under 3 hours, they won’t help with the issue.

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What a nuisance getting erratic reading Leah at least your dealing with it well it’s doesn’t sound much fun getting an alarm at 5.30am ☹️

I imagine your other days meals and drinks could influence your BS sugar levels regardless of having a specific meal.

So good luck and you stay safe and well now. 🌈👍😀

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

In some cases, yes. The amount of carbs. and the food does have an effect on the numbers, but it was the same as last time. I even did less insulin after eating dinner last night.

I’m doing okay, but there’s no readings right now, again.

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JerryGuest in reply to Activity2004

Hey that’s bad news.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

It finally came back, now! Very odd, but at least there's a number and a dot showing where it is on the graph. No arrow so far, though. One question I may call about is dealing with the calibration issues. Why would you be told a specific time you can calibrate if it won't take the number when you know it needs to be done at the moment? That seems weird to me and shouldn't be an alert.

You need accurate equipment to start with, but is it possible your insulin-sensitivity has improved? Or did you produce more insulin?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to StillConcerned

More insulin? Can you please explain what you mean? The pancreas puts out insulin on its own once in a while. I was born with hyperinsulinism/EPI.

Talking hypothetically, let's say you've been very disciplined, keeping to a low-carb intake, and as a consequence your pancreas was not over-worked, therefore managing to release some insulin of its own. Along with your insulin dosage, that would of course be more than usual, resulting in more glucose being removed from the blood stream than planned.

God bless you.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to StillConcerned

That's a possibility. The only thing is, I did stay to a low carb. amount for dinner (close to 50 carbs.). The insulin dose was 8. I do 10 units before bed with the long acting insulin each night.

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