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Another New Sensor: DEXCOM

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Recently, I had to replace the sensor that I had used before July 1st. That one was replaced and the one I'm using now will (hopefully) be replaced on July 11th at 8:08 pm. We'll see what happens soon since this one has been okay with some hiccups here and there.

This morning, I had to have a 6-oz. pineapple can before eating breakfast today because my number was under 80 mg/dl on the receiver, but it was 95 when I did a blood test to make sure things were okay. Odd enough, I didn't need any insulin even after eating my normal breakfast and the juice. The only doses I had done were for last night at dinner, bedtime and then again at lunch today. So far, the numbers have been not going too high at all.

More to come soon. Watch this page and stay happy, healthy and safe. :-)

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When my morning numbers are's usually because I either forgot to eat dinner the night before or I ate a very light dinner like a salad. Could this be why your morning numbers were so low? Hope your numbers stay in the good range!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Nightbird_

Thank you for the reply, Nightbird_. No, I didn’t skip any meals last night. I did have a salad with lots of protein and some carbs. in the salad with a little ice cream for dessert because we were celebrating a belated birthday celebration with my cousin who came from out of town to visit. The total amount of carbs. was 55-60 for the entire meal.😀👍🥩🥗

I also put a lot of protein in my salads..and quite a good amount of regular dressing too. I'm always worried the sugar in the dressing will keep my glucose elevated throughout the night, but it doesn't, even though I love sweet dressings like Thousand Island. However, I no longer put bread croutons in my salad even though I love them dearly, because bread raises my glucose like there is no tomorrow.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Nightbird_

Do you use Parm. or Cheddar Crisps instead of croutons? They don’t have any carbs..😀👍

I used to eat them as a snack..but they keep going up in price and I can't justify spending that much on dried

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Nightbird_

This is true. Some types of foods are going up in price all the time, unfortunately— even though they were not expensive for a few years before.

The Parmesan crisps have always been a little over a dollar for one ounce of product both at my local stores or Amazon. When you consider they are not solid cheese but whipped with air to get a popcorn consistency..we are paying a LOT for 🙄

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I had to replace my Libre recently because it failed two days after I applied it! I think it's the hot weather here in the UK!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to SamDRWF

Do you have overlay patches for keeping the sensor on the arm/other areas after attaching it?

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Nightbird_ in reply to SamDRWF

Don't forget to call Abbott and report this so they can send you a free replacement. Any FSL sensor that fails for whatever reason gets a free replacement when you call and tell them. They will ask you for the serial number on it, but if you already threw it away any serial number from any of them will do. So far I've had about 6 replaced for various reasons since I started wearing them a few months ago, such as the adhesive came off, it came off after a shower, etc.

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