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Friday Failed Sensor: DEXCOM


On Friday morning, the sensor from Sunday afternoon failed at 6 am!😫 I changed the sensor and used a new transmitter, as well. They were changed before I left the house. I called the Tech. Support for a free replacement. The new sensor is going to be here Wednesday.

The new sensor is working pretty good so far. No worries about it, yet.😀👍

Stay tuned for the next update!😀👍

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Aaaaaghhhhh 👎 What a bummer of a machine....

Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThreeSmiles

It depends on the way the sensors are made.


Hey bad luck Leah, it's a pity you can't link your DEXCOM to a tea maker and then at least you could have a morning cuppa...

I hope they improve their sensors as you don't need this.

Jerry 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

Sounds good to me!😀👍

Things will be better soon.😀👍👍

I am nearly freighted to ask how its going now. Pls its OK !

Activity2004Administrator in reply to HOBIEONE

Everything is okay so far with this new sensor. I was woken up by the alarm at 6:15 am today because I was under 80 mg/dl on the DEXCOM. Had breakfast afterwards.😀👍

I so agree it depends on how hey are made, some are a dream and others fail. They help us so much would not live without mine. At times my husband get fustrated should be more dependable but thats science. Tech is so supportive and helps always. They are working hard on a new senor they know 6 has some serious issues!

Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

That’s right. Some mechanical problems come up here and there, but they get taken care of. 😀

We are now a world that relies on gadgets. Some good & some not so good. It is very important to a T1.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to HOBIEONE

That’s right! If something didn’t work the right way, it could be a problem. If it does the right thing, then everyone will be happy.👍

cherv in reply to HOBIEONE

The science has improved our lives. My grand mother was a Type 1 and took her early at least with the DEXCOM and the IT dept. we have support and a new way to view our disease. We can tell if a certain food reacts with our system raising our BS's and knowing to avoid that item in the future. Is a pain when it does not last it's determined time I'm running out ot territory on my abdomen.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

You can rotate the sensor from side/middle/side each week.😀

HOBIEONE in reply to cherv

I use to use a Freestyle Libre for the same thing. Am now on a Medtronic insulin pump with a sensor. Its like a break for my head.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to HOBIEONE

Both can use the same sensors when you pair them up with each other and your phone.

Tech IS getting better , even for dimbos like me !

Activity2004Administrator in reply to HOBIEONE

Yes, the technology is getting better compared to when it was 1980. In 1980, the hospitals had two large monitors for blood sugar testing and I was given one when I was an infant back then. The rest of the hospital had the second one for everyone else. They both were half the size of the kitchen table I have here at my house.

I still have the test tubes & tablets to test urine. It looks pre- historic these days. That was when I was a kid. Big kid now ? Life ? Am out for a couple of beers tomorrow nt to let some steam off my head. (does me good now & again.

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