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New Sensor Friday: DEXCOM

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Sorry this is a little late, but I had been busier than normal this week.

This week was a little interesting related to the sensor. Here and there, the sensor would stop working and then have no arrows going any direction. This happened once before going to bed one night. Another few times while at work, the sensor would stop working and then come back, but with really odd results for the numbers. At one point, I had thought I would have to call to get a new, free sensor sent out. So far, so good nothing really bad has happened to the new sensor I'm using right now. The only weird thing was during the warm up period and the pie chart to say how much time remained went away and the hour glass showed up in its place. This got me extremely mad since it was already acting odd and I hadn't even done the calibrations at the time. Today, the sensor seems to be doing okay, but I'm not holding my breath.

8 Replies
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What is the sensor & what's its purpose??

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Herman7275

The sensor is what reads the numbers. The sensor is a thin thread-like item inserted under the skin. If the sensor doesn’t work, it might fail/stop working before the end of the week.

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Could it be the monitor/meter rather than the sensor? I had a problem with my blood glucose monitor whereby I was getting false readings and then it didn't work at all. I thought the test strips might be faulty but, when the monitor didn't come on when I inserted a test strip I thought it must be the meter. I wrote to the company and got a new meter but in the meantime my hubby looked at my old one and jiggled the battery but it still didn't work. So, he found a new battery and luckily this worked. It's a good job because I had to wait a few days for a new meter and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to check my bloods before I take my night time insulin.

TT x

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Sometimes, the batteries work for a year, then they have to be replaced. It depends on the monitor you have gotten from the Pharmacy.

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Have you spoken to your doctor on the DEXCOM 6. It has been working excellent for me.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

Yes, but I have to wait for the insurance company to go along with my request.

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cherv in reply to Activity2004

Hope they will reply soon to your rquest to update. You have not had an update in years correct?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

That’s right.😀

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