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Wow! What a crazy week I had last week with the Dexcom's sensor! I was at my brother's house after work last Wednesday and all of a sudden, my Dexcom receiver says that my sensor FAILED! I ended up calling DEXCOM and asking for another FREE sensor to be sent overnight since no one usually carries the sensors around with them. I know I don't and I have no idea where I would keep it away from the house since I never plan on chainging the sensor during my work day. The funny part is, the Support Tech who got on the phone with me asked me if I had another sensor with me at the time! Does anyone carry the sensors with them outside the house as a back up? I take back up sensors when I go on vacation, but that's it.

¡Wow! ¡Qué semana tan loca tenía la semana pasada con el sensor de Dexcom! ¡Estaba en la casa de mi hermano después de que trabajo el miércoles pasado y de repente, mi receptor de Dexcom dice que mi sensor FALLÓ! Terminé por llamar DEXCOM y pedir otro sensor LIBRE para enviarme durante la noche ya que nadie por lo general lleva los sensores alrededor con ellos. Sé que no hago y no tengo ni idea donde lo guardaría lejos de la casa ya que nunca planeo chainging el sensor durante mi día laborable. ¡La parte graciosa es, la Tecnología de Apoyo quién subió al teléfono conmigo me preguntó si tuviera otro sensor conmigo entonces! ¿Lleva alguien los sensores con ellos fuera de la casa como un respaldo de seguridad? Devuelvo sensores cuando voy durante vacaciones, pero eso es.

So, because of the changing of the sensor on Wednesday, I need to do that, again this week. I hope the newest sensor can go its full week. I hate having to change it when I don't expect to. I want to have a complete week of use like you're suppose to, but for some odd reason, I'm not able to with some of the sensors. Anyone else having this problem?

De este modo, debido al cambio del sensor el miércoles, tengo que hacer esto, otra vez esta semana. Espero que el sensor más nuevo pueda ir su semana apretada. Lamento necesidad tener de cambiarlo cuando no espero. Quiero tener una semana completa del uso como es suponen a, pero por algunos motivos raros, no soy capaz con algunos sensores. ¿Alguien más que tiene este problema?

Well, until next posting! Keep on reading!

¡Bien, hasta después fijación! ¡Siga leyendo!

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Hi Activity I have had mid sensor fail. Then on the other hand I have pushed my senor for nearly two weeks or to the next changing. Giving me 2 weeks I have heard of others in the old days getting longer. Remember no clean dry application, totally think of something nice while doing it. Reward yourself after shopping can be a nice treat for new yarn for your business.


We've between lucky to never have a failed sensor ever, I wonder why it's happening for you?

We're currently on Day 24 of the current sensor and it's tracking quite well.


Some sensors can be bad, but others can be working the entire time.


Do you need to shower daily for work? Many use additional tape to secure the senors, I bird bath as my mom use to call them. When you get older you do not need showering daily dries skin. I have had senor failure but sometimes they if left in place they come back on they can be a funny creature. If I sleep in the wrong position I have lost signal or after showering.

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Yes, I have to shower every morning. I try not to let the transmitter get that wet, but I towel it dry to be on the safe side.


Try securing with skin tape around the senor tape, I found this helped. It's very hard not to let the transmitter get wet, I also towel dry and have thought of blow drying.

If you experiment with that let me know how it works use cool air!


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