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100 Mile Challenge and DEXCOM (Desafío de 100 millas y DEXCOM)


Since January 26th, there has been a 100 Mile Challenge that everyone had been signed up for at my Senior Center. It's suppose to be that every 20 minutes of some type of exercise equals 1 mile. Since my Director at the center signed me up, I've gotten tons of walking and some running in. It's a good thing that I had my DEXCOM with me since I was able to keep an eye on if the numbers have been going to a normal range. So far, I haven't hit any severe highs or lows on the DEXCOM, so that's a good thing. The only problem I'm having right now at the moment is, the backside of my legs are so sore from all the moving around I have done. The challenge ends early May.

Desde el 26 de enero, hubo un Desafío de 100 millas que cada uno se había contratado para en mi Centro Mayor. Es suponen para ser que cada 20 minutos de algún tipo del ejercicio igualan 1 milla. Ya que mi Director en el centro me contrató, he puesto toneladas adentro del andar y un poco de marcha. Es una cosa buena que tenía mi DEXCOM conmigo ya que era capaz de vigilar si los números han estado yendo a una variedad normal. Hasta ahora, no he golpeado ningunos máximos severos o mugidos en el DEXCOM, por tanto esto es una cosa buena. El único problema que tengo ahora mismo en este momento es, el trasero de mis piernas son tan doloridos de todo el movimiento alrededor he hecho. El desafío termina a principios de mayo.

The sensor that I have used so far is working nicely. Hope it can last for the next few days since I had to use some tape to keep things from coming off the skin.

El sensor que he usado hasta ahora trabaja amablemente. La esperanza puede durar durante los próximos días ya que tuve que usar alguna cinta para impedir a cosas de caerme de la piel.

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Good for you and good luck with the challenge. Do you have someone to walk/run with? That would help and make it a lot more fun.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Min99

It's a group sign up, but each person is responsible for the totals.

Gosh! That's a long time challenge. I'm sure you'll make it because you're very dedicated and motivated.

TT x

Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Thank you for saying that. I don't know if I will stop in May when the challenge is over, but I won't quit before that!😀👍

Good on you!

TT x

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