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New Sensor Inserted Tonight: DEXCOM (Nuevo sensor insertado esta noche: DEXCOM)

I just inserted the newest sensor just now-- tonight. The system for the DEXCOM is in the warming up period, so I thought I'd start typing this posting while I waited for the time to come and then do my calibrations that have to be done afterwards.

Sólo inserté el sensor más nuevo ahora mismo - esta noche. El sistema para el DEXCOM está en el recalentamiento el período, por tanto creía que comenzaría a escribir a máquina esta fijación mientras esperé para el tiempo a venir y luego hacer mis calibraciones que se tienen que hacer después.

I'm amazed that the other sensor I just took out lasted the entire 7 days-- even with the hiccups that it had on and off. i brought an extra sensor with me today just to be on the safe side in case it had to be changed during the long day at the center. Nice to know that it wasn't needed until now, of course.

Me asombro que el otro sensor que sólo saqué durara los 7 días enteros - hasta con los hipos que tenía en y lejos. traje un sensor suplementario conmigo hoy sólo para estar en el lado seguro por si se tuviera que cambiar durante el día largo en el centro. Agradable para saber que no fue necesario hasta ahora, por supuesto.

The sensor that I had gotten for free came today. It was waiting for me as I came home from work. Not sure what time it was dropped off and on the front steps, but it didn't seem like anyone had bothered it. I'm sure, even if someone had tried to open the box and see what the sensor was suppose to be, they wouldn't know how to work it! The first few times, a person needs to use either the manual or the DVD for the computer to learn what to do as in inserting.

El sensor que había conseguido gratis vino hoy. Me esperaba cuando vine a casa del trabajo. No seguro a que hora se dejó y en los pasos delanteros, pero no parecía que cualquiera lo había molestado. ¡Estoy seguro, aun si alguien hubiera tratado de abrir la caja y ver lo que el sensor era suponen para ser, no sabrían cómo trabajar esto! Las primeras veces, una persona tiene que usar el manual o el DVD para el ordenador para aprender que hacer como en insertar.

Well, I guess this is all for right now. More to come soon. Keep on reading! I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday afternoon, so I plan to remind him that I've had the DEXCOM for a little more than a year. I'll let you know what the doctor says when I can.

Bien, adivino que esto es todo para ahora mismo. Más venir pronto. ¡Siga leyendo! Tengo la cita de un doctor el jueves por la tarde, por tanto planeo recordarle que he tenido el DEXCOM durante un poco más de un año. Le avisaré lo que el doctor dice cuando puedo.

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I wish I could afford a similar meter to yours. We've talked about in the past but it's just too expensive. I talked to my husband about it because I've had some hypo bloods on a morning. The other day I had a 4.3 and they seem to be under 6 most mornings now apart from this morning it was 7.7. My husband had a terrible panic when I was 4.3 and didn't know what to do. He seems to be taking my illness more seriously now and wanted me to get a Freestyle Libre but the cost put him off. The initial pack is £150.00 and then fortnightly sensors cost £50.00 so, it would cost at least £100.00 per month for the sensors and we don't have that sort of spare cash because I cannot work now. In addition to this I have to buy my own thyroid medication, that's needed to stop my thyroid cancer growing back, because the NHS won't provide it. I have to import it from the USA.

Good luck with your appointment at the DRs. Hopefully, it will be a positive experience.

Take care and thank you for posting.

TT x

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Thank you for the good luck with the appointment for Thursday. I will let you know what happens.

Is there a cheaper alternative for a type of CGM?


Fantastic, seven days before another insertion. My stomach just is running low on spots have to wiggle and waggle around for territory since we must stay away from the belly button by 3". Hope coming week goes as well!


Thyroid that is awful coverage is not better for items like the DEXCOM and most importantly your thyroid med's must be imported, that to is costly. I wear a DEXCOM which has my life often I have frequent hypo's and dramtic. Can be day time or nigh time. Once the DEXCOM became untied with my husband i-phone and he saw all the numbers and alerts he changed position within his company and now works from home. I do not wake to the night alarms would need a service dog, my last one was current is not and may not find heart for two. Hubby does the job great! Best of luck with the lows, I normally have a small bowl of cereal, 1/2 energy bar-check how they spike you! Tend to help my hypo's.. Do you hit afternoon lows?


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