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Replaced Sensor on Monday afternoon: DEXCOM (Sensor sustituido el lunes por la tarde: DEXCOM)

I'm considering this to be starting week 51 because the sensor I had used since Tuesday last week failed yesterday (Monday) on the way to my job for the Senior Center. I was so upset since this meant that I had no idea what my blood sugars were without doing an actual finger testing here and there during the day.

Pienso que esto comienza la semana 51 porque el sensor había usado desde el martes la semana pasada fallado ayer (el lunes) en el camino a mi trabajo para el Centro Mayor. Tan me disgusté ya que esto significó que no tuve ni idea lo que mis azúcares en la sangre eran sin hacer un dedo actual que prueba aquí y allí durante el día.

While on the way to the center, I called DEXCOM and requested a new free sensor to be shipped to my house. It came before 8 pm tonight by FedEx. I'm hoping this new sensor that I'm using doesn't go "crazy" because that would mean that this one had issues that I wasn't aware of.

Mientras en el camino al centro, llamé DEXCOM y solicité que un nuevo sensor libre se transportara a mi casa. Vino antes de las 20:00 esta noche por FedEx. Espero este nuevo sensor que use no se vuelve loco porque esto significaría que éste tenía cuestiones de las cuales no era consciente.

The number on the DEXCOM right now says that I'm 267 and the arrow is going sideways. Wish it would be a little lower, but that may happen later tonight while I'm asleep.

El número en el DEXCOM ahora mismo dice que soy 267 y la flecha va de lado. El deseo sería un poco más bajo, pero esto puede pasar más tarde esta noche mientras estoy dormido.

More later! Keep on reading! Time for snack and test with shot.

¡Más más tarde! ¡Siga leyendo! Tiempo para bocado y prueba con tiro.

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My DEXOM an give me nearly 2 weeks but that is with mostly bird baths and washing my hair in the sink. With the weather heating up that will change I'll be out more often and walking and in my garden. Sometimes these Dexoms get into a funny stage of readings, it will lose me for periods or come in with some very lows and be off by serious counts. This morning my reading was near 100 on my Dexcom did my finger stick and I was 202. Recalibration is not to crazy about that. Requires I shot until my numbers get close to get a true ready. I love my machine when I'm without it I go nuts, that 2 hour window feels like days. How do you and others feel?

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