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Hypo feeling type two diabetes

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Hi all

I am type two diabetic, if my sugars go down to 5 .5 it makes my legs and arms tingle, does anyone else have this? I thought it needed to be nearer to 3 before I felt it or is that more type 1? what is a good number to try to keep within with type two? And what is a good number to wake up to? I can go to bed with sugars of 6-7 and wake up to sugars over 10 but mostly between 8-9

5 Replies
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I have never experienced that. My sugars are often in the 4s and I have even been into the 3s and do not experience this. Are you on any medication?

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Boxroad in reply to Koalajane

Yes metformin insulin and trulisity

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Koalajane in reply to Boxroad

Perhaps you should talk to your diabetic nurse about it

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Boxroad

What dose of insulin do you use for each meal? Do you take any insulin before bedtime? What do you have for snacks/meals? How many carbs. do you have for meals/snacks?😀👍🌈

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Oh intersting ive had tinfling but not connected it to ehen blood sugar is lower. Maybe somethingbto do eith diabetic neuropathy. Do you lose sensationnin your feet or get foot drop when it happens?I dont know the snswe but i would guess to record in a diary and show the diabetes nurse. Probably best at different levels for each individusl ansmd what other comorbidites they have.

Best healthy wishes 😘

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