Update: DEXCOM (Actualización: DEXCOM)

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in the updating of how things have been going lately with the DEXCOM, but things here have been keeping me extremely busy. I'm doing okay, though!

¡Hola cada uno! Lamento la tardanza de la actualización de cómo las cosas han estado yendo últimamente con el DEXCOM, pero las cosas aquí me han estado guardando muy ocupado. ¡Hago bien, aunque!

Recently, I was on a mini vacation over the holidays, so I had to bring extra sensors with me for one to be replaced on the day of "change out" and a few extras in case of a sensor failed message popped up on the reciever. Lucky me, that hadn't happened.

Recientemente, era durante unas vacaciones mini durante las vacaciones, por tanto tuve que traer sensores suplementarios conmigo por su parte para sustituirme durante el día «del cambio» y unos suplementos en caso de un sensor fallaron el mensaje apareció en el receptor. Afortunado mí, que no había pasado.

With some of the sensors I had used recently (during and after the trip), had some hiccups, but not that many to call DEXCOM's Tech Support about and ask for a new one. But, I had called DEXCOM before the trip and asked how a person can get a sensor sent to someone if they are on vacation/not at the address that DEXCOM has on file, and they had told me that they'd send the new replacement anywhere you are at the time. This is great news since I was wondering about what to do whenever being away for a few days.

Con algunos sensores había usado recientemente (durante y después del viaje), tenía algunos hipos, pero no que muchos para llamar el Apoyo de la Tecnología del DEXCOM sobre y pedir nuevo uno. Pero, había llamado DEXCOM antes del viaje y había preguntado cómo una persona puede enviar un sensor a alguien si son durante vacaciones/no en la dirección que DEXCOM tiene en el archivo, y me habían dicho que enviarían el nuevo reemplazo a cualquer parte es entonces. Esto es grandes noticias ya que me preguntaba sobre que hacer, estando lejos durante unos días.

Last night, the reciever alarmed at 80 after a snack before heading to bed. I had a yogurt and bar with a cranberry juice bottle. With all that food, it didn't take that long to go back up, but not that fast, either.

Anoche, el receptor alarmado en 80 después de un bocado antes de dirigirse para acostarse. Tenía un yogur y barra con una botella de zumo del arándano. Con toda esa comida, no tomó esto mucho tiempo para volver, pero no esto rápido, tampoco.

More to come soon. Keep on reading!

Más venir pronto. ¡Siga leyendo!

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  • Activity2004

    Which is that language you used in between English ? What does that mean?

  • It's Spanish. I do that for all DEXCOM postings. It's exactly the same wording for what is in English-- just translated.

  • Activity2004

    Are you a spanish ?

  • No, but I use a computer translator on line to do the translation.

  • Hiya,

    How is the Dexcom doing? Someone on the diabetes uk forum was information about the Dexcom so that he could compare with the Freestyle. I cannot remember who it was but the Dexcom got a good review.

    TT x

  • The DEXCOM is going well. I have to do a new posting about it when there's more time... Been really busy lately!:-) Thanks for asking!

    How are you doing? Feeling okay?

  • Hi,

    It's good to hear from you.

    I had my appointment yesterday with my diabetes nurse and my HbA1c blood test result was good. It has gone down to 8 from 11.1 since I started on night time Insulin 3 months ago. I told my nurse about your advice to have a bedtime snack if my numbers were low when I tested with my blood meter and she was surprised. I explained I'd had some borderline hypos in the morning and that having a snack has helped. She has suggested lowering my dose of insulin by one unit if my bloods are high before bed but, I'd rather have a snack instead as I do get hungry before bed when I've been following a low carb diet all day. Plus, I find that I sleep better if I have a snack especially, cheese. I'm seeing my nurse again in 3 months but we've deciced that I will write down my evening meals more thoroughly to see if there is a trigger and then I can adjust my diet or medication accordingly. I think I'll just try and be more careful because I have had an odd carb heavy treat over Christmas. Mince pies and Christmas cake and pudding are too difficult to resist especially, as they are only a once a year thing and I don't drink or live a naughty lifestyle.

    I'm signing off now to wtch a bit of TV before bed.

    Night, night and God bless.

    TT x

  • Thank you for the update. Let us know how the snacks and/or lowering the dose works out.

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