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Useful write by an unknown lady saved in my system long back and forgotten by me!

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As an addict of reading materials on health, this article I had saved but forgot it. After joining this group, I deep dived into my computer and found this. Written by a Tamil south Indian lady, few words may be new to a few.

I am SHARING, WITH A REQUEST FOR THE READER'S OPINIONS only and not recommending anything.

Some statements may not be completely applicable now!

If anyone can confirm/deny its correctness, it will help me a lot to improve my health. Thank you. NOW THE 2016 ARTICLE.

(I have removed/hidden names appearing in it)

No Nonsense Doctor, Dr.xxxxxxxxxxx from T.Nagar Chennai

By yyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Two years ago, when I was in Chennai on official work,

I developed throat pain and fever. I visited in T.Nagar whom I know for the past 15 years. The clinic was just the same and as I glanced around, I found two sentences written on a board that surprised me.

The first sentence read as -

‘Medical representatives promoting Sulphonylurea and other related diabetic medications are not allowed in this clinic’

The next sentence surprised me even more –

‘Do you have diabetes? No worries! You can reverse it’

I asked the doctor about this and he asked me to attend the awareness session scheduled on Sunday.

After I attended the doctor’s program on Sunday, a lot of things became very clear to me. The doctor completely rejected the notion that diabetics have to be on medication throughout their lives.

He also rejected common instructions given to diabetic patients such as eat bread, eat chapattis, eat a lot of fruits, walk every day, eat six times a day and so on.

Here is a gist of doctor xxxxx’s two hour talk:

Man is designed to live without disease for 100 years. All lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and thyroid and so on are symptoms and warning signs of our changing lifestyle. On the premise that there is no sufficient insulin secretion in our bodies, mainstream doctors prescribe medications for type-2 diabetes patients. This is totally wrong! All lifestyle diseases are caused by presence of lot of insulin in our bodies.

If alcohol addicts stop drinking, they will experience withdrawal symptoms like shivering. It is foolish to advise the alcoholic to take alcohol to get rid of the symptoms. It is equally stupid to prescribe insulin and insulin secreting tablets to diabetics.

The root cause of all lifestyle diseases is insulin resistance. The main driver of insulin in our bodies is excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption. It is important to address this root cause and treat this with dietary modifications.

To put it in a simple manner, if you suffer from typhoid fever and have high fever, prescribing paracetamol tablets is only going to bring down the fever. The underlying typhoid will not be cured.

In the same way, insulin resistance is the root cause of diabetes. High level of insulin is the issue that has to be addressed. The only way we can do this is to minimize carbohydrates and include a lot of saturated fat in our diet. This diet is called Low Carbohydrate High Fat or LCHF diet. You can quickly say good bye to diabetes if you also combine intermittent fasting with this diet.

If you are shocked with the very concept of ‘fasting’, you need not be. Fasting periodically is extremely good for health. Fasting intermittently is the only way we can quickly burn off excess fat stored in our body. All these years, our bodies have been fueled by carbohydrate like the petrol engine. It is now time to shift to diesel engine, by burning fat.

I will now tell you why you should minimize carbohydrate intake. When we eat sugar, carbohydrate or protein, it is all converted to glucose and gets into the blood stream. To handle the influx of glucose in the blood, insulin is secreted. As we continue to overload our stomachs with carbohydrates, insulin stops functioning well. Just like how you have to be pushed hard to be accommodated into an already crowded, packed bus, medications prescribed for diabetes increases insulin levels to push glucose into the cells and tissues for energy.

Insulin is a hormone secreted to handle glucose metabolism. Injecting insulin from outside or giving tablets to increase production of insulin causes a lot of undesirable side effects.

This is the reason why diabetics suffer from damage of various organs.

So, what is the solution?

You have to lower the level of insulin in your body. The only way you can do this is to completely eliminate carbohydrate and sugar from your diet. Foods that breakdown into glucose in the body (rice, wheat) and all fruits have to be avoided. Along with the diet, do intermittent fasting and you can live a diabetes-free life.

You may wonder- how will I live without idli, dosa? Will I face any issues if I stop eating all these items?

For the past two years, I have been living not only without idli, dosa, but also without any medicines. My overall sugar control, measured by the test called HbA1C is now below 6. My excellent health is reflected by my perfect Body Mass Index or BMI, as I have lost 9 kgs. My waistline has reduced by 4 inches. I get good sleep at night, have no more mood swings, enjoy extremely high energy levels and feel ten years younger. Do not worry; there was no reduction in height!

Our bodies get energy from two different sources – glycogen from carbohydrates and ketones from saturated fat. Glycogen burns like gas stove, surging and exhausting quickly while ketones burn like coal stoves, in a slow and steady manner.

There is no need for any confusion regarding ways in which you can adapt to this diet. Our bodies are very intelligent. To start burning fat automatically, all you have to do is to eliminate carbohydrates and do intermittent fasting.

It is two years since doctor xxxxxx explained all this to me. I immediately visited Srirangam, prayed to God and stopped all my diabetic medications (under the guidance of doctor). Today, I proudly declare that I do not have diabetes.

Please note –

1.The above dietary instructions are only for those with type-2 diabetes.

2. Follow this diet only in consultation with your doctor.

What to eat ?

You can have vegetable salad (cucumber, tomato, red, yellow, green capsicum, broccoli, cauliflower, radish, cabbage) along with tomato soup or vegetable clear soup. [You can also have a couple or more eggs for breakfast ( for non-veg ) ]

- One adai made of legumes/pulses and red rice can be taken with loads of vegetables. Add onion, tomato, capsicum etc. in minimum batter and make the adai.

- Non-diabetics can have very little red rice (best to avoid) along with lots of vegetables, spinach and salads.

- You can have boiled vegetables made of pumpkin, chow chow, broccoli, cauliflower and so on. Koottu and aviyal can be included for your lunch every day. [ For Non Veg you can have meat, chicken etc ]

- For fillers, have a fistful of groundnuts a day. You can also have nuts like almonds and walnuts.

- Add a lot of coconuts in dishes. Also have raw coconut for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

- Have green tea, lemon juice with salt, black coffee with butter/coconut oil or plain

- It is advisable to eat within a window period of 8 hours, that is if you have your breakfast by 9 am, have your dinner before 5 pm. A good idea is to break your fast in the morning as late as possible, say by 11 or 12 am and have your dinner by 7 or 8 pm. Most importantly, do not eat as if it is routine or compulsory to eat; instead eat only when you are hungry.

Thanks: zzzzzz 21.8.2016

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Thanks for sharing! I've seen similar sentiments expressed by the good doctors Eric Berg and Sten Ekberg on Youtube, who say insulin resistance is the main problem. I'll try and follow your diet recommendations. (Note to the admin, I am not promoting the you tube channels, I merely mention the names as they reflect the sentiments in this post, thank you).

My guess is the Dr name in T.Nagar is Dr Vijyaraghavan


Thank you for giving the doctors name, I was able to do Internet search.

This doctor made few video clips back in 2006, very interesting video discussion.

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