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Healing beta cells without drugs

Can improved diet, stress reduction, and/or exercise heal beta cells? If “resting” them is important, eating fewer carbohydrates should give them a chance to recover.

Another way to take pressure off beta cells is by lowering insulin resistance. According to Charles Burant, MD,

All you have to do is [increase] your insulin sensitivity just a small amount…and you can remarkably decrease the amount of insulin secretion that you need to maintain normal blood glucose levels. So what we need to do is get…[people’s] insulin sensitivity improved so that their beta cells don’t have to work so hard.

The herbal medicine site Green Med Info lists black cumin seeds, vitamin D, berberine, bitter melon, curcumin, chard extract, and more as helping beta cells grow and heal, although mostly in rodent studies.

To me, it seems keeping glucose down is the key to regenerating beta cells. But the longer they’ve been damaged, the longer they’ll take to come back. “Longer” could stretch into “never” in the worst cases.

But most people can do it eventually. The pancreas is only one organ involved in diabetes, though.


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Thanks for your post. I understand the role of diet in diabetes to reduce insulin resistance. But I am very confused as such about what to do and what not to do. Is it necessary to take all kinds of herbal medicines available along with nutritional supplements for deficiencies that come along with diabetes? I already take bitter gourd tablets (karela)250 mg, Diabecon DS from Himalaya herbals along with Metformin 1 g each morning and evening. Take Vit. D sachets every week, Vitcofol capsules for iron deficiency, Vit. B12 chewable tablets etc since found severely deficient in all above before six months. Checked even after 6 months, deficiencies still not recovered. And what all is the maintenance dose for all these vitamins after deficiencies get recovered. Or we need to continue taking Vit. D and Vit B12 since Metformin reduces absorption of Vit. B12 so far I learnt that. Does vitamin supplements help in controlling blood sugar levels?


अबबबबब...so many medicines??? hope you take breakfast....LOL sorry...just kidding..

First of all plz check your fasting insulin along with your fasting sugar...plz get your liver scanned for ruling out fatty liver.

Whats is your current HBa1c?

Reduce carbs to minimum possible level.


My current HbA1c level is 6.3 last done before 15 days. It was remaining 6.1 for two years since I had been diagnosed with diabetes in Mar 2014 but increased to 6.4 before two months so checked it again. I learnt that HbA1c should be clinically below 5.0 as contrary to the limits we see on our lab reports...is it true? I know cutting carbs would definitely bring my blood sugar level to optimal.

Is there any test like fasting insulin you suggested? I don't know about it...will check. Fasting sugar whenever I check at home with my One Touch glucometer comes in limits i.e. below 100...I check it randomly on any day not every week or so...And what is the reason behind fatty liver disease if people now are recommending high fat diet for diabetes and weight reduction? what is the cure for fatty liver? I will get the scanning done..in short time.

Planning meals is the toughest job of daily life...no carbs and this fat and not that fat...:-)



Thyrocare got fasting insulin test....Hope you have thyrocare center in ur city.

Further since you are taking medicines.... Hba1c below 5 is not the target...anything above 5 but below 5.5 should be target.Or else there is risk of Hypo.

One of the reason for fatty liver is Fruits .....so cut down on fruits....


Yeah, there is a Thyrocare centre in my city Vadodara where I live and I get all my tests done thru Thyrocare only. What does the result of fasting insulin suggest?

I don't eat much fruits, hardly one in a week....



Simply it will tell you about your beta cells function....

Normal insulin level in 2 to 5 units....if it is above than that....it clearly says that your beta cells are producing enough insulin...but its problem of your body...and your body is not utilizing the same properly...

And therefore....(and in most of D2 cases its insulin resistance....) you need to work out to increase your insulin sensitivity....


I think my case is Insulin resistance only since I am Type 2 diabetic and also have TPO antibodies, an autoimmune disease...i.e. Hashimotos...

How to increase insulin sensitivity?


go as much as possible low on carbs....

start methi dana kalounjee and curcuma amada/Ambe haldi


methi dana kalounjee means u soak methi dana overnight and have it in morning on empty stomach...right?

and what is Ambe haldi...turmeric only naa? how to take that apart from we use turmeric in cooking?



yes methi dana soaked in water over night....

also light roasted kalounjee ...grind it in mixer...and soak it one tea spoon alongwith methi dana and take empty stomach...

About ambe halad read here...



look at the end of this thread given procedure to pickle ambe halad for use all around year..


Alternatively.... if you can not eliminate 'Roti' then it is suggested that go for long wheat Roti.... mix 250 Gms of Methi dana in 5 Kg of long wheat....eat only those rotis.


hnn....let me see if I can try that...



I guess In Gujarat..its available under name Daudkhani/bhalia wheat


ok, thanks



Now you are on the right path suggesting fbs and fasting insulin. Great bro. I'm really happy. Lagta hai hum logon ki practice ki vat laga k rahega 🙊🙊🙊

This fellow guy thinks that meds will cure his D. Arey koi inko samjao diet is the first that has to be managed.🐒🐒🐒🐒

By the way what's your bs after eating kharvas ?

First get his bcf and ir to know how severe is his D. If he keeps 1c at 6.1-64 he can be managed with diet only provided he is not taking any allopathy meds in addition to met. I think he is mildly diabetic with good bcf.



All your posts are really interesting

I keep coming here to read your posts only


thank you Shashikantiyengar .... 'Tum agar sath dene ka vada karo.... hum yu hi mast nagame luta te rahe.... ;)

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Yes.I totally agree cure.

All ur posts are very informative .with insight &focused.

Keep it up.

Helps greatly.thanks

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Thank you Searching60 .... I tried to contact him....but he is not responding...

I am sorry


suramo karch @anup Shashikantiyengar

What do u say about this comment on same post.....

Is it necessary for a diabetic to avoid milk????

Carlos Porlan • 9 months ago

beta cells are 17 amino acid length protein. so is the protein of milk. the bodys immune system attacks milk protein and too much milk and your body will confuse and kill the beta cells at the same time. theyre both 17 linked acids. amino acids of 18 and 19 linked acids are safe by our body. stop milk and dairy products and watch your beta cells come back.

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suppose we stop...what to eat on this earth :)...

Q:why body confused...?same said for gluten protien and thyroid ...Why immune system is confused??

I think its deficiency of our immune system....

Q:How to repair immune system faulty response??


Not possible at present.


We have to study more on this



too hypothetical. Milk gets broken down in GIT only so does not get absorbed intact. Our git has no system to absorb long molecules. Milk i'm not advising because of sugar in it. We all takea little warm milk to remove our fatigue. Yes. Like jaggery milk is also used for instant energy.

Milk injections were used to cure autoimmunity. Our body can't produce effective antibodies against very small antigens. So milk was mixed with patient's own blood and injected into muscle. The hypothesis was the milk protein combines with such antigens and the antibodies thus produced would recognize the antigen easily. This is possible because antibodies need to get attached to only one part only to remove by body defence. Also if A +B ( milk for example ) is the antigen complex antibodies to either A or / &B would clear both. Sorry too complicated.


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