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My Blood Sugar Readings today !

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My fasting blood sugar was hovering around 78- 90 for the last two months.

I had posted my last HBA1C as 5.8 a month back- if you recall my post in this forum.

A couple of days back when I consulted my Endo , he advised that 78-85 is low for me if I desire to gain some healthy weight ....also to avoid a hypo at any point of is safe to aim a fasting blood sugar of 85-100 mg/dl....he also opined that people with very low blood sugar carry more CV risk.

So yesterday, my early dinner was @6.45 PM....and can you guess what did I eat ? πŸ˜€

1- Full Cup Basmati Brown rice cooked out of Parboiled Basmati brown rice - brand India gate.

2 -One Full Cup Dal made out of Lentil( Masoor) and Chana ( split chick pea)

3. One full Cup of a mix veg curry made out of Spinach, Mushroom, Corn, green Peas, Brinjal, sweet potatoes.

4. My usual green salad consisting of carrot , cucumber, lettuce, cherry Tomato with little balsamic vinegar.

5.None of the above dishes had any added oil or fat ! But all Indian spices were used liberally such as Turmeric powder, Jeera powder, Garam Masala , Onion , Garlic, Ginger , Dhania powder, Kalonji powder...curry leaves.

Both Dal and Curry were topped with fresh Green corriander leaves....

The taste was yummy...and it was a full dinner...I then had 20 mnts tread mill walk at moderate intensity. @5.5 kmph.

At about 8.30 PM, my blood glucose level was 118....then by 8.45 PM, I had one medium size Banana along with 4 full wal- nuts ( I cracked shelled walnuts by my nut cracker- so it was wholesome untouched and fresh ).

I take no allopathy medications at evening /night though before bed time for the last 15 days , I have been taking Ashwagandha tablet and Magnesium Glycinate supplement to enhance my sleep time from 6 hours to 8 has helped πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Took a warm water Shower and went to Bed at 9.45 PM. Got up at 5.45 AM....full 8 hours sound sleep.. practised my usual Yoga Asanas for 30 mnts, Pranayama for 20 mnts , 10 mnts meditation..

Then I had my morning bath and took my fasting blood sugar....which came to 96....( Taken with my manual finger prick Glucometer - my electronic one still gives error which I have given feedback to the manufacturer)

Then my breakfast was as follows:

8 Idly's made out of multi millets ( jowar, Bajra, Raagi ) plus the usual black gram.

2 -Cups of Sambar made out with liberal mix vegetables Pumpkin, Drumstick, small size sambar onions, carrots, Brinjal, ladies finger.

Half a cup Green chutney made out of Baby spinach, corriander leaves, mint leaves, Ginger, dash of lemon juice..

4 pieces of Baked Tofu...with tomato onion kalonji chutney topped with 1 table-spoonful of flax seed Powder.

And my usual Green salad and fruit salad . Fruits were 400-500 gram ...consisting of Guava, orange, papaya, strawberry..

There was no added oil or fat whatsoever in any of the above dishes.

Post my breakfast, I did a treadmill walk of 20 mnts at moderate intensity @5.5 KMPH ....Then went to my terrace - open Sunlight to do resistance training with the help of dumbbell and resistance loop...for 15 the process I had morning sunlight exposure which helps production of hormones such as Serotonin & Dopamine by your pineal gland in the brain... Morning sunlight also helps for production of Melatonin - another sleep hormone in the night.....

Well my PP blood sugar after 2 hours reads as 119.

If anyone seeks any clarification, will be too glad to answer. You are welcome to quiz me- I have many stories to tell if some one is interested!πŸ˜€πŸ™

15 Replies

My PP reported in the above post

if this is without medication, real great achievement.


Fantastic results that force me to wonder whether you are really a diabetic. Joke apart, you are getting this result without missing much, diet wise. Inspirational.

namahaAdministrator in reply to ramana42

Dear Soni1, Ramana 42, activity 2004 & other members

To answer to your questions, during my 40's , I was very active & Healthy , thin built body structure with BMI 21.... I never bothered to do any annual Health check up regularly....An Engineer by Profession, I had a travelling job which called for extensive travelling within and outside India. I used to take early morning flights/ late night and sometimes overnight eating times & sleep time and wake up time ....all biological clock got totally disturbed.....many times ate all junk food available at airports , lounge, and Hotels and Parties. I had very poor knowledge on Food & Nutrition...

One day all of a sudden I was diagnosed as type 2, when I was approaching 50 years age with fasting Sugar 200 and PP of 400.....

I could not believe it....approached an endocrinologist and he prescribed me 4 drugs....two blood sugar lowering , one cholesterol lowering and one BP drug.

With poor knowledge on medication at that time, I wanted to have a second opinion and fixed an appointment with one of the leading endocrinologist in Apollo Hospital..

The Apollo Endo validated all the drugs that my first Endo prescribed..

He very clearly said the drugs would not cure my conditions , but would treat the symptoms. And he added one more medicine Aspirin a blood thinner to prevent a heart attack. So total 5 medicines I was told to take...

Then I started my research is 10 years journey so far.... Did a course on Food and Nutrition.....course on yoga , Pranayam, Meditation....course on lifestyle and it's affect ....... Learnt a lot....still learning....most importantly did a lot of food /Nutrition trial including LCHF diet on my body.....all diets taught me something new .... which taught me to reach different desired Health parameters to tame diabetes ....

Over, last 10 years, gradually I have stopped all medications one after another after consultation with my Doctor.... ... When all health parameters controlled by natural food, nutrition, yoga , physical exercise, of today I only take one tablet in the morning....

I am on my new diet plan for the last 6 months....which is new learning for me from a Dozen of leading plant based nutrition experts across the world.....seems to have worked very well so far .....

It is too early to say that I have totally reversed my diabetes....but I feel more energetic / active and feel more healthy..... the Lab parameters indicate all my organs functioning most efficiently at this point of time with this kind of diet and life style as mentioned. My BP @110/70, Lipids profile/kidney/ Liver functions all looks like that of a 15 years old boy, without any related medications....I never have blood sugar swings...Hypo / hyper .... I sleep like a kid for 8 hours per diabetic complications /side effects so far...this diet not only normalized functioning of different organs , but normalized my blood sugars to a great extent .


Keeping an watch on my health parameters...I am also active in a couple of other diabetes forums where people practise only low fat plant based diet since years to learn more from their experience.....

barani19Administrator in reply to namaha

Awesome job. Good to hear your wonderful journey namaha. All the best for an healthy and meaningful life ahead.


Congratulations on the fantastic blood sugar control, namaha! This is great news and you should be proud of yourself. Keep it up! :-)

Dear sir what is your age. For me at young age everything is fine with half tablet to control sugar. But now I have to take insulin twice a day with medicine to bring to nearly normal American type readings 180. This is the life for diabetic at old age 70.

Which brand of magnesium tablets do you take

namahaAdministrator in reply to vandanajj

Dear Vandanajj

The two supplements I take as of today is Magnesium & Ashwagandha..for my 8 hour sound sleep.

Diabetes have perennial magnesium deficiency. And Magnesium in short form Mg. Research indicates that Mg deficiency is the cause and effect of Diabetes.

Our body gradually not able to absorb Mg from food as we age and because of soil erosion, Mg level is depleted. And then you have Muscle pain, loss of muscle mass, RLS- restless leg syndrome, bone loss .... disturbed sleep....etc etc...

In India , Magnesium supplement is available in form of MgO- magnesium oxide, MgOH- magnesium hydroxide which is not easily absorbed by the body..

Magnesium citrate, orotate, glycinate, malate, taurate, aspartate, or arginate are most easily absorbed by the body.

I take Mg Glycinate by a pharma company called pharmed.-the brand name is MgD3. This is the only company which makes Mg Glycinate

In USA, a lot of companies make Mg supplements in Glycinate form and I want to import thro Amazon...

And finally, make sure you also get enough of Vitamins D3, B6, and E, as well as thiamine and selenium. All of these support your body’s use of magnesium.

An article to help you understand better. On Magnesium is given at the bottom of this message

On Ashwagandha, it is a reputed ayurvedic herb. Nowadays , Dabur honey has come out with Ashwagandha honey .

The herb helps in my sound sleep, though in many ayurvedic diabetic formulation it is a standard herb.. also known to control blood sugar. Though I take it for extending a sound sleep,

I later discovered that it is 2 times more potent than Viagra for curing ED for both men and women. While , I don't have ED which often attacks A Diabete.. and diabetes neglect the ED ....they don't understand the importance of the lack of it. ED is a signal that testosterone level comes down, and if testosterone comes down, then a lot of health issues crop up. ..loss of libido...loss of muscle mass,

CV risk, Osteoporosis....thyroid ......

A year back when I visited a cardiologist for consulting for my lipid profile, there was a display message outside his cabin....if you have ED ..please feel free to discuss with your doctor carries CV risk . .

I took ashwagandha twice daily .. but then I can not tell you what happened to me within two days.. .πŸ˜€ Now I take only once daily before bed for my sleep....

Now that I take it for my sleep and not for ED , I did a lot of reading before reducing the dose.

No wonder , I see Thousands of 5 star reviews on Ashwagandha of Himalaya brand ...people keep saying it helped me ..did magic ...wonderful drug......πŸ˜€

Disclaimer: Whatever I mentioned above is for information and education purpose and based upon my own experience .it is not a medical advice ..please consult your doctor for medical advice.


namaha,Please be careful in buying honey. Don't go for any commercial brands. Most of them add sucrose in it[after importing the sad].

namahaAdministrator in reply to barani19

I never consume honey....and diabetes sould avoid even if it is pure honey since it is 100% fructose...While fructose does not spike blood glucose , but too much fructose load is not good for liver.

Fruits are a mixture of fructose, sucrose & glucose...and there are lot of antioxidants, vitamins C and phyto-nutrients and can be consumed in moderation .

barani19Administrator in reply to namaha

Thanks for the information namaha. I love honey(sweetness in general). I have honey(2 spoons) with ceylon cinnamon powder daily at least 2 times so that there is no BS spike. As an ayurvedic medicine, its better to have limited amount of honey daily.

sandybrown in reply to barani19


I use both honey an Sri Lankan cinnamon for breakfast and in high fat yogurt , very good for me. What is the limited amount of honey. In UK, pure honey is available from farm shops, what is available in super markets, very difficult to say what has been added to it?

Thanks Administrator.

namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

Sandy & Barani

1 to 2 tsf per day honey may be ok if you are taking along with a herbal formulation.. or a spice like cinnamon...

I personally don't take honey.....I gave the example of Ashwagandha honey , as Dabur started marketing honey blended with Ashwagandha which is highly reputed ancient herb known to heal ED naturally and helps good night's sleep and many other health benifits .

While on the subject, we were all wrongly advised to avoid carbs and take only I have been doing that since years did not help in any way...rather my lipids went hayware forcing my doctor to ask me to take a statin, my blood sugar did not improve much... my BP remained elevated .... Dr gave me BP BP now is 115/70 without Dr. still recommend 20mg BP drug Telmisartan..he says it protects kidney in diabetes .... He may be right.....but post my Whole plant food ....I have done an advanced kidney panel test.....and projected kidney life is more than 100 years ...

Today I am drug free ...came down from 5 tablets to 1 tablet.....

I take nowadays everything whole plant - least processed and which has least Fat in it......this is my latest discovery from a series of research studies after dozens of food trial on my Body in last 10 years carbs calori counting , no limit in food quantity...I am eating stomach full to my heart's content - 3 full meals plus two times full snacks! Eat whenever I want...☺️

Whole plant based Carbs in absence of Fat is my dearest friend and I am sure carbs would behave friendly with most people in absence of Fat....subject to one condition that the person has reasonable amount of healthy beta cells ...

People like Barani ( I know Barani's condition) .....his diabetes is 100% reversible.......and I can do it for him....πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Having said that in a lighter mood, seriously, I am reasonably confident about reversing his diabetes if he listens to me... (This is based upon the feedback from 1000's of actual practitioners of whole plant food.)

It is true that Carbs have behaved very rudely with me in the past, but it was in presence of all kinds of Fats- animal / non- animal fat and animal protein....dairy is also animal protein and fat.....

Whatever you eat , finally it gets converted in to glucose.. because finally your body needs glucose for energy......if you don't eat Carbs , your body undergoes a lot of stress to convert Fat & protein in to the process it develops inflammation which is the root cause of all evils.

Then why not I take carbs directly, ...and such carbs which don't spike my blood glucose... is convenient and easy , comfortable for body to convert carbs in to glucose.....

Nowadays even boiled whole full skin Potatoes/ sweet potatoes don't spike my blood glucose. only condition is no oil in my food.(watch McDougall's starch solution for all diseases...)

Yes body needs some essential fats such as ALA... .alpha linolenic acid..small amount from flax Chia is enough....(Watch and listen to the leading cardiologist Dr Esselstyn who cured Bill Clinton by the above diet )

Cheers !May God bless you all πŸ™

Disclaimer : it is not a medical advice. please Consult with your doctor for medical advice ....

Also have Glucometer to consistently monitor your blood glucose to see what spikes and what does not spike.

Also if any one of you are trying this diet , first you need to know your beta cell status by C- peptide level....if your some beta cells are still healthy ... next step detox your body... because your body cells are jammed with fat molecules....both animal and non-animal .......these need to be first flushed out to make room for blood glucose to enter into body cells ... (Reference : Mastering diabetes - Cyrus khambatta )

So the transition is to be gradual...please PM if anyone is interested for further guidance....

Sir, what is your age ??


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