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My blood glucose level - fluctuating


My blood sugar levels are ranging as follows:

12-hour Fasting around 100

2 hours after a meal: Between 135 to 180

3 hours after a meal: between 120 to 135

After 3 hours: 80 to 100

When I do 30 minutes walk after mean, the 2-hour post-lunch sugar reading comes between 130-150.

I am 53 years old and not taking any medication for this. Anyone has similar conditions and what would you suggest. I am on diet control now. Could you please suggest this condition?

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Have you spoken with the doctor about your blood sugars? Did they suggest that you start counting carbs./go on a low carb. high fat or low carb. high protein diet plan? How many carbs. do you eat in each meal and snack? What are you eating for meals/snacks each day/night?


By and large, you are doing reasonably well. You do not need to worry, unless you have a family history or obese or subject to a stressful lifestyle or work. Better if you get HbA1c test done and satisfy yourself that you are within range.

I feel you need not worry. At your age this is normal. May be you can follow normal walking exercise and normal diet enough

what is your diet chart ?

@csrao67...You are type 2 diabetic.If you control and manage, and continue what you are doing today, you may be able to continue without medications for some more time.But start medicine when necessary.Its always desirable to control pp sugar after 2hours of meal, upto 140 mg/ dl.Any thing above that for longer periods will certainly start damaging organs like eyes, kidney etc.. Control carbohydrates, do walking, and try PP glucose to 140.Keep watch on symptoms like tiredness, thirst, urine output, eye sight, sugar up and downs etc.Keep periodic Record of parameters like lipids, microAlbuminuria and sugars.

BE CAUTIOUS and enjoy Diabetes.

Best Wishes.

Dear members,

Thank you for your quick reply. Here is my diet:

I take only 2 meals per day.

1. Breakfast: At 9 AM - Tea without sugar. some days I don't take tea. And between 11 AM and 12 noon - Jowar or bajra Rotis - 3 with vegetable curries very less oil.

2. Evening snacks: Oranges around 4 PM. Tea without sugar around 5 PM

3. Dinner: Around 8 PM. Jowar or bajra Rotis - 2 with vegetable curries very little oil.

I take buttermilk 2 to 3 times a day and one more fruit either Apple or Guava.

When I eat idli or dosa or wheat chapati or when I don't go walking for an hour I observed my sugar levels going up.

With this diet plan, my readings have actually come down from around 200 to these levels.

I am planning to get the HbA1C test done.

Could you please share your experiences in this regard and any modifications to the above plan. Thanks for all your suggestions.


What is your current Weight / BMI ? Why not you test for your C- Peptide level and fasting Insulin level....?

Please open the link and read the post.

After I started dieting, I lost nearly 5 Kgs and my current weight is around 71.5 Kgs. Height: 5' 7". BMI around 24.5 - 24.9.

All other parameters (like Lipids, Creatinine, Urine analysis, etc.) were normal. I am not in favor of taking medicine for sugar control as I have seen results in diet control and exercise reducing the sugar readings. Now that I reduced the content of carbohydrates intake, however, I have not calculated how much I am actually taking every day. I will have to do some scientific way of calculating this. Anyone has any ideas on this, kindly share with me.

Thanks in advance.

At first I thought you are okay. But after reading your last reply, seems like you may be diabetic or pre diabetic.

In the first place, why did you decide to check sugar 3 times a day ?

You understand better. Keep walking after meal.

Are you working or own business ?

Need to loose few kg.

In after noon , eat some nuts. Walnuts and almonds alternate days. Or peanuts,


Get A1C done as soon as possible. Get checked every 3 months.

Do not take medicine.

csrao67 in reply to Fatbuddy

Thank you for your reply. I wanted to check after food by when my sugar levels come to normal range. (<=140) I will start walking after each meal. Yes, I am getting HBA1C test done in a couple of days along with other parameters.

Should I get a fasting Insulin test as well, any idea?

What is your experience among studio cycling or walking for an hour, which is beneficial.


I got the blood reports. Here are my readings:1. HbA1C: 6.1

2. Average Blood Glucose: 128

3. FBS: 110

4. LDL: 104

5. HDL: 47

6. Total Cholesterol: 172

6. Trygec: 104

7. Creatinine: 0.68

8. Urine albumin/Creatinine ratio: 12.3 (normal <30)

RBC is a little low at 4.29 (min: 4.5 as per lab).

Lymphocyte %: at higher side 46% (max 40%)

Any suggestions.

Fatbuddy in reply to csrao67

*** A1C is great, no need for Medicine

**** After meal, 140 % of

before meal reading

Some times, if it is high -- 180 to 200 its okay.

**** LDL. Slightly high

eat more garlic. Two

buds, raw , in morning

Or make garlic juice, lemon juice and ginger juice --

keep in a bottle in refrigerator. Take two teaspoons early morning on empty stomach. Nothing to eat or drink for 30 to 45 minutes after that.

**** HDL... low. try to raise to 60. Eat raw red onions , one a day.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will try to do these. I am taking medicines for my BP and Cholesterol. Are these medicines could be reasons for an increase in blood sugar. Any experience around this will help me.

sandybrown in reply to csrao67

Could you please let the medication you are on?

Have you looked the side effect of your medication?


Ramister 5 mg and Rosuvas 5 mg.No side effects felt so far. These are 50% dosage of initially prescribed medication. Doctor has reduced the dosages.

sandybrown in reply to csrao67

Please read these two articles:

Take care.

csrao67 in reply to sandybrown

Hi @sandybrown

Thank you for sharing these wonderful articles. I appreciate your help. I have glanced through these and will read them thoroughly later over the weekend.

I understand from these, at a high level, that the cholesterol medication slightly increases FBS/HBA1c but overall will be beneficial and side effects are very less. However, I am not sure whether Cholesterol medicines have increased my sugar levels. My Fasting sugar is always around the 100-105 range. From the 1st article, I understand that Rosuvasatatin that I am taking is beneficial with fewer side effects. Should I discuss these with my Physician and get an opinion on this.

Thanks again.

sandybrown in reply to csrao67


Cholesterol, human body makes 80 % of cholesterol on demand for human body function.

Food and drinks, what goes into our mouth gives 20% of cholesterol.

Any medication had side effect but different people different side effect.

HbA1c is the best indicator for blood glucose, 90 day average. ( 6.1).

You can consult your doctor to do rick analysis, QRISK or JBS 3.

The result is also in % number.

You can ask the doctor for explanation, review medication.

Life style change and exercise is the best medication for our health.

Take care.

csrao67 in reply to sandybrown

Thank you for sharing one more useful piece of information on health assessment. I did QRISK and will discuss it with my doctor. Thanks again.

csrao67 in reply to csrao67

And for the past week, my FBS readings were <= 90. I see this as a good sign as a result of my diet control and walking.

sandybrown in reply to csrao67

That is excellent news. Work hard towards it.

What is result of your QTISK test?

csrao67 in reply to sandybrown

Yes. It's 9.1%.

sandybrown in reply to csrao67

In simple terms your risk is 9 in 100 people. I understand this because I worked with a GP to do Internet testing for JBS2 now it is JBS 3 (UK).

If you alter the parameters you may get a better number, then you can decide on what to change in your life style to get a better number.

Now you have some understanding for your doctor's appointment to ask questions.

The important factor is to loose some weight slowly if necessary and maintain the weight and waist line.

Take care,

csrao67 in reply to sandybrown

Thank you for your suggestions. The only parameters that I can adjust/improve are weight-related only. I am already on that. And for the past 2 weeks, I have been daily measuring FBS and PP2. FBS readings were between 82-100. PP2 readings were between 119-182. I am confident of making these stable. PP2 of 182 was observed only once.

I have not made any changes to my physical activity - around 1 hour of walking per day. However, I have reduced food content to great extent - no sweets, no oily foods, no white rice, very little or no wheat flour made bread, but more vegetables, rotis/bread made of Jowar/other millets flour, daily amla juice. This is a good experience for me to control sugar.

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